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Prepare for some excellent 50

Destroy All Humans


Destroy All Humans

ESRB: Teen - T
Platform: Xbox
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Prepare for some excellent 50’s nostalgia, as you fight the deadliest being that ever existed: Man… Straight from sixty year old cinemas right to your console Destroy All Humans is without a doubt the ultimate ‘1950’s America’ satire. You take the role of Cryptosporidium 147 who’s sent to earth to find Crytosporidium 146 (still with us?), who crashed while investigating earth’s new fuel source nuclear power. Crypto and his leader/researcher Orthopox are not only required to rescue 146 but collect DNA from humans brains, as these aliens, known as the Furons, have lost their ability to reproduce due to their “complete and total lack of genitalia” as Orthopox describes to gamers at the beginning of your destructive rampage across Earth. And so this DNA will help generate clones as the clones have been noted to be deteriorating after each use of the machine. The DNA will supposedly help sustain their cloning operation. With dual tasks in hand Crypto eventually finds his way to Turnipseed farm where is oppression of humans will be initiated. It is here on this rural farm that we first get to grips with the game and learn the Furon trade which will be vital in order to succeed. As we enter the first cut-scene one can’t help but notice the voices of each character. Crypto, voiced by J. Grant Albrecht, is amazing with a near perfect Jack Nicholson impression which really helps bring across an angry, hostile, yet intelligent attitude of Crypto which really suits the script and the enjoyable cut-scenes of Destroy All Humans. Others may recognise ‘Invader Zim’ lead Richard Steven Horvitz as the commanding Orthopox voice, which has an excellent furonic quality to it. Leads as I have described are excellently done yet due to sheer number of characters Crypto encounters after awhile most other characters become stressfully repetitive while some will remain golden and stay with you the rest of your quoting life. Even the music has its 50’s alien satire sound and is perfect for the game’s atmosphere. Unfortunately Destroy All Humans’ graphics don’t follow the music’s example and is probably the biggest let down in the game. As I have mentioned levels are vast and contain plenty of cars and wandering pedestrians and, so pop-up is frequent. Not even the decrease in graphics could save the title from this unavoidable problem. Otherwise graphics are… well… ‘nice’ as in nothing special. More importantly the graphics do the job and isn’t that what really matters… anyone? In fairness the game those have some sweet weapon effects to match Crypto’s bitter arsenal ranging from the ion charger, to the disintegrater rays taken straight from the movie title Mars Attacks and is probably one of the most satisfying weapons ever in a videogame, the effect of which looks much like what happens when Buffy slays a vampire. Destructible housing is another very simple yet highly enjoyable addition. There is just nothing like death raying (weapon staying true to it’s name) a perfectly normal, defenceless house and watch it slowly burn down, or finish the job yourself. Abducting people or vehicles is another delicious satire effect, which is so simple yet such a good idea especially with the use of Havok to aid the beautiful destruction. Havok is mainly noticeable when using your psycho-telekinesis (PK) which is the use of your large mind to pick up objects, vehicles and people mentally and toss them about town show them all the sights form a height with the lack of parachute. All of this has to make a Destroy All Humans a difficult game to play, right? Wrong… so very, very wrong, this game is incredibly easy to pick up yet so difficult to put down as the player would expect from the people who brought us the incredibly addictive and easy to use SmackDown series, THQ. All controls while using PK appear on-screen and the rest is the use of the analogue sticks while every other aspect of the game is slowly introduced as you progress. But the greatest achievement in Destroy All Humans is the use of switching between saucer and Crypto in mid-game without a loading screen and how the controls are easily adapted across hardly changing yet offering gamers a completely new exciting and polished type of gaming experience. Not only this but gamers can use to different styles of gameplay to complete each mission players can move silently blending in as regular townsfolk using the holobob (Disguises Crypto as a human) or just go and destroy all humans (A slight over-exaggeration) and complete their mission through force using PK, Saucer or Weapons, all of which are upgradable. If this isn’t enough Destroy All Humans is packed with humour throughout (mainly ripping on 1950’s stereotypes and fears,, blaming your little green antics on communists and such…) and plenty of fun mini games on each level including speeches and ways to wow a crowd along with races and rampages resulting in all levels being filled to the max. Sadly there is only five levels with range from a sunny suburb called Santa Modesta to the deadly, army-filled, desert area known as Area 46. Obviously no multiplayer yet, though when single player becomes to much why not sit back and relax while watching some early footage of Destroy All Humans or just about any Destroy All Humans coverage from E3 all commentated on by the THQ crew. Destroy All Humans continues Pandemic’s military take over, (…Cough… branch of the US government… cough…) showing war from the enemies side, and continues THQ’s gameplay champ reputation with another hilarious, exciting, and genuinely fun action adventure title!


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