(Nintendo DS) Arkanoid DS

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- Unlock Uranoid Mode

This feature becomes an available option at the 'Main' menu when you complete ALL the levels and save ALL your friends. In Uranoid mode there are a total of 9 zones to buy (from Alpha to Iota; of the Greek alphabet). When you have brought at least 7 of them you will be able to play one entire game of 7 zones and 35 stages. The map will only branch out at the last zone when you buy 8 or more zones.

- Unlock Level Select

If you want to play a certain level without going through the game to get to it then at the start screen hold down 'Start', A and B and when the level number you want to play is displayed release the buttons. Timing is important here!

- Start at the Level you got a 'Game Over'

This little trick will save you a lot of time if it is performed correctly. When you get a 'Game Over' and return to the title screen hold A and B while pressing 'Select' 5 times followed by 'Start' and you will restart the game at the level you got a 'Game Over'.


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