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Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: Nintendo


480p Support
Dolby Pro Logic II
Memory Card
Voice Recognition


Nintendo refined the

Mario Party 6


Mario Party 6

ESRB: Everyone - E
Platform: Gamecube
Category: n/a
Developer: Hudson Soft Publisher: Nintendo Features: 480p Support Dolby Pro Logic II Memory Card Voice Recognition Introduction Nintendo refined the ‘party' style videogame with the release of the first Mario Party on the Nintendo 64. Every edition of the famed party game since that time has been known to include plenty of mini-games as well as four player mayhem as players battle to be number one. Knowing that they have a good thing going Nintendo has released yet another edition of the famed plumbers wild and crazy multiplayer game, Mario Party 6. Graphics It is this writer's belief that the Gamecube is an underrated machine in terms of its graphic capabilities. What I believe the problem to be is that some developers are just lazy and do not put the effort into utilizing the abilities of what the little box from Nintendo can do. With Mario Party 6 I believe that this just may be the case as time is starting to show its wear on the visuals of this game. When playing the visuals just don't not seem to jump off the screen. The backgrounds and textures are not as vibrant as other games that I have had the chance to play. As well, the in game characters seem to be rather low quality, even fuzzy, lacking the refinement of more recent games like Mario Golf or Mario Tennis, the aforementioned being games that also show off Nintendo's franchise characters. A game like this is not specifically marketed for its looks, but after 5 previous editions it is time for Hudson to make the effort and give the looks a complete overhaul to help compliment the already proven gameplay. They need to utilize the power of the Gamecube to spruce up the characters and game boards in an effort to pull the gamer back into the ‘Mario' world. Sound For the first time in awhile I was somewhat disappointed with the sound in a Mario based game. Although this is a party game, many of the sounds seem to be repeated. I thought I should give you a heads up and tell you that you can expect the same type of voice samples from the in-game characters that you have already heard numerous times from other in-house Nintendo based games. It would be nice to see all of one's favourite characters utter some new phrases, but on the flip side of this argument is the fact that would be totally different and not expected from those one has become so accustomed to over time. As for the music, well it is typical Nintendo fair, you have heard it before. Usually this wouldn't be a really bad thing but the quality of the music just seems to lack the oomph that usually comes with it. Maybe it is just me, but even through my personal sound system the quality was substandard for the Gamecube's ability. Regardless, if you are a true Nintendo gearhead, you will be satisfied, but just not overly so. Gameplay As with all previous Mario Parties, edition number six is modelled after a board game. What is new to this years addition is the player is chasing after special stars which will randomly appear on the board. Players take turns rolling dice and moving about the board and at the end of each round everyone plays a mini-game in a effort to win more coins. Also new to this years edition is that after every three rounds of play the time of day (on-screen) shifts and these time shifts have an affect of the board players are on. These changes range from shortcuts to cutoffs and this is an interesting turn of events this time around as you actually have to hope for your turn to be on the time of the day that is most rewarding. Nintendo has openly stated that they are innovators in the videogame industry. It is this idea of innovation that has also been added to Mario Party 6 as they have included a microphone in the big box that this game is sold in. The microphone hooks up to the memory card slot #2. This peripheral has some interesting gameplay implications as it is used in various manners. One noted way is to actually control the on-screen character telling it to "go" (increases speed) or "jump" (self explanatory) as one navigates various courses on-screen. There is also a ‘quiz show' mode called "Speak Up" where players have to identify characters or watch a short cutscene and answer specific questions based on the items found in that cutscene. However, like all voice recognition that has been implemented in console games, this is not perfect, but it is a nice change to say the least. Mario Party 6 does have a single player mode. There are some changes from previous version of this game as this mode is not nearly as slow as earlier editions. Players have the ability to bypass things (e.g. watching CPU, reading instructions for mini-games) that one could not before. This is a nice addition because the game does not drag when playing alone. Overall this years version has an insane amount of mini-games to play this time around with about 70-80 of them available and should you choose, you can just play these games in single player and not have to bother with the board game. Conclusion Mario Party 6 has all the right parts in one big package, but its shine is starting to dull. With a huge amount of mini-games, improved single-player and a new peripheral (the mic) Nintendo manages to once again show how it has refined and dominated the party videogame genre. However, this game is truly a multiplayer game that should be experienced by more than one person. Overall this is another successful edition of this long running series. However, having developed six versions of the game to this date, how much longer can this game keep hanging on before people become tired of it or it becomes too repetitive.


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