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Guitar and Peripheral Skins Manufacturer, GHSkinz.com, Announces Its Spring Product Lineup

Guitar and Peripheral Skins Manufacturer, GHSkinz.com, Announces Its Spring Product Lineup

Platform: Nintendo Wii
Category: Miscellaneous

GHskinz.com, a designer and manufacturer of skins that replicate real life guitars for games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, announced its spring lineup of products. Previously the company offered a full line of custom designed rock guitar skins that celebrate many real life rock stars and bands. This month, the company added to its portfolio with the launch of its first console skins including designs for the Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 2. Later this spring, GHskinz.com will release skins for the Apple Ipod, Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. The company's products can be found at www.GHskinz.com.

"What sets us apart from anyone else in the manufacturing of guitar skins is the fact that we are creating skins based on real life guitars," said Matt Witek, Co-founder of GHskinz.com. "Our extensive design background and interest in gaming allows us to create interesting skins that immerse the player and make them feel like a real-life rock star."

The company offers several lines of real life rock star inspired guitar skins series including a "Van Hero" series based on Eddie Van Halen's Frankenstein guitars as well as a series called "ROCKIN WILD" based on guitars used by Zack Wylde. Gh Skinz also offers a full line of classic American burst guitar skins including a Sun Burst, Blue Burst, Cherry Burst, Silver Burst, etc. The company also offers a full line of drum skins for the Rock Band drums. These products are available at GHskinz.com for $15.99 plus shipping.

In addition to the GHskinz.com replica designs available on their web site, GHskinz.com also works with celebrities and rock bands on tour
to design, manufacture and package customized products.

"We have already worked with some big name celebrities to create customized products for both personal and commercial use," said Josh Babin, Co founder of GHskinz.com. "Creating custom designs based on a person or bands' own personality is something we really enjoy and excel at."

For more information about GHskinz.com and its products visit www.GHskinz.com.

The following link has images of some of their custom skins for guitars and consoles http://www.clevercomm.com/GHskinz/\

About GHskinz.com

GHskinz.com is a designer and manufacturer of custom and high-end skins and accessories for video game and music peripherals. GHskinz.com makes decorative skins for the peripherals that accompany popular games including Rock Band and Guitar Hero and also makes skins for related gaming consoles including The Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 2. In Spring 2008, the company will launch its line of skins for handheld systems including the Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and Apple Ipod. GHskinz' mission is to provide the best possible product along with the best customer service. For more information visit www.GHskinz.com.


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