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The Motorola Q9h Smartphone

The Motorola Q9h Smartphone

Platform: Wireless Devices
Category: Hand Held
Author: Murray G


The Q9h performs like a champ straight out of the box. Applications operated quickly and efficiently and set-up was a breeze. In fact the Q9h has one of the best and most intuitive set-up programs I’ve used on any cell or Smartphone. Interfacing with your PC and transferring files is also a breeze when using Window mobile device center.


- Voice Recognition
The Q9h comes with voice recognition. I haven’t been too impressed with most phones VR capabilities. I find that VR is only accurate 50% of the time and a rather frustrating experience. The Q9h’s VR feature was just as frustrating.

- No Wi-Fi

The Q9h does not come with Wi-Fi. This is rather disappointing. Whether it’s to keep the price down or lobbying from the Service Providers (they make a huge $$$ off data) the lack of Wi-Fi is a deal breaker to some people.


Even with my disappointments the Q9h is the best Smartphone I’ve used to date. The keyboard is easy to use, the screen is large, it has good picture and video features and office app performance. I will have to get back to you with game playing capabilities. If you’re looking for a Smartphone then I highly recommend that you take a look at the Motorola Q9h. It’s smart, sexy, powerful, and a treat to own.

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