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Palm Treo 750 Smartphone

Palm Treo 750 Smartphone

Platform: Wireless Devices
Category: Hand Held
Author: Murray G

- Audio and Video.

The Audio and Video capabilities of the phone really require the purchase of a memory card. Memory is cheap like borscht so I recommend getting the 4 GB SD upgrade card. That way you can store loads of tunes and video`s. The screen is quite sharp and bright and the touch screen is capable of displaying 64k icolor.

The camera will take pictures up to 1280 x 1024 pixels. The images are quite clear and sharp considering it’s only a 1.3MP camera and a far sight better then the camera in the 700 series.

Video is shot in the 3GP format. The 3GP format is a simplified version of MPEG-4 and can be viewed on a PC using QuickTime or Real player. The video is quite good as it runs at 30FPS. Some people recommend that you mute the audio so you can get better footage. Video without sound doesn`t do it for me though.

- Bluetooth

Palm deserves credit for improving the bluetoosh capabilities of phones of past. The 750 has a Bluetooth 1.2 radio, headset capabilities, hands free, A2DP, DUN, serial port (used by Bluetooth GPS) and file transfer profiles.


The Palm Treo 750 is a sleek, powerful and sexy phone. As a business phone windows mobile 6 brings office functionality to the unit. As a MP3 player, picture and video unit the quality is there as well. As a gaming platform however its falling behind mainly because of the lack of selection, not from the unit itself. If you`re looking for a Smartphone/PDA the 750 is definitely a good investment and designed to give any Blackberry unit a run for its money.

**Editorial Comment:

To all Smartphone manufacturers and service providers’ outhere: please start bringing more gaming titles to the units. As i mentioned earlier the #1 platform for gaming is handhelds. Nintendo and Sony make hundreds of millions of dollars on these units mainly form licensing and many smartphone users like a distraction now and then. Besides, nothing says “handheld” like a smartphone.

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