(PSP) Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

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Unlockable: Alternate Stage 3

In the middle of stage two, you'll be chased by a minotaur. As soon as the chase starts, fall into the first hole in the ground and you'll drop into the sewer. Complete the stage via this sewer route and you'll unlock the alternate version of stage three. This alternate version of stage three is needed in order to unlock Symphony of the Night.

Hint: Maria's Guardian Fist

You can play as Maria in the game, but she has a special attack, the Guardian Fist, that doesn't use hearts, and does massive damage. To execute the move, press Up, then Down, and then attack.

Unlockable: Rondo of Blood Stage Select

If you want to be able to select which stage you access in Rondo of Blood (the original version), insert your name as the following:

**Some of these cheats and glitches are exactly the same as previous console/handheld counterparts.

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