(Xbox) Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

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Escaping the ice caps with out fighting the hk droids

On the second part of Telos when you crash on the plateau where you meet the three hk droids you will be thrown in a conversation with them immeadiatly after you are finished talking with them you will have to go to the door to the academy. before you go in there will be a cut scene with bao-dur waking up you will then be in the academy and voila.

Free Vibrosword

As soon as you enter the engine deck of the Harbinger, unequip whatever weapon Kreia is holding. When she runs off, a vibrosord will appear in her hand. If she already had a vibrosword in her hand, then nothing will happen. If she had a different weapon in her hand, it will dissapear. If she didn't have any weapons equipped, then the vibrosword will be yours to keep.

Infinite dark side points

During one point of the game when your doing work for the Ithorian on Telos, Mercenaries will attack the Ithorians Complex. Moza will call you and tell you he is held up in the vivarium room. When you kill all the Mercenaries are dead(except for the ones behind the locked door where Chodo is, because u dont have the key yet), goto Moza in the vivarium room and ask for a reward and he will have nothing to offer you and suggests that they have done enough for you. Then say you'll leave them there to fend for themselves, then choose, "Better you than me". And the conversation will end and you'll get dark side points. You can do this as much as you want to keep gaining dark side points!

Infinite Dark Side Points

If you missed the chance to exploit Maza on Telos, go to Dantooine and speak to the "Battered Protocol Droid" walking around outside of the Ebon Hawk. Select these options while talking to the droid:

1. "What can you tell me about Dantooine?" The droid will reply about the events since the Enclave's destruction.

2. "Tell me about how the Enclave came to be ruined." The droid will apologize.

3. "Sith invasion?" The droid will report an error in his memory.

4. "[Computer] Droid, run a self diagnostic and report." The droid will describe his damage.

5. "[Repair] Fix the droid's memory unit." The droid will call you a Jedi, and a man will run over to ask more.

6. This man hates Jedi, so either
A: Deny being a Jedi, then say you hate Jedi Too. OR
B: Admit to being a Jedi, then threaten the man.

You will gain Dark Side Points at the end of the coversation, and you can repeat the whole conversation as many times as you like for infinite points.

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