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Crave Executes Th3 Plan

Platform: PlayStation 2
Category: Action Games

Crave Entertainment, a leading publisher of console videogames for the casual gamer, today announced Th3 Plan, a tactical action game of stealth and infiltration for the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system produced by Monte Cristo and developed by Eko Software, has broken into retail outlets throughout North America.

Travel the world as the twists and turns of the heist takes you deeper into the ever evolving sophisticated plot. Armed with the latest high-tech gadgets and a team of highly specialized skilled thieves, you must maneuver your team through the most secure locations to pull off daring jobs. But, of course, the most important tool is your brain.

Th3 Plan is an infiltration game which lets the player orchestrate a major artwork robbery. Throughout 13 action packed levels, the player heads a group of 7 professional robbers. With the action occurring simultaneously on 3 screens, the player can monitor all on going missions and intervene when necessary, thus creating an atmosphere particularly intense and full of suspense.

Features include:

** Control a team of seven professional master thieves to pull of the heist of the century
** Innovative split screen system: play simultaneously with three characters in a new style of game that coordinates the actions of up to three characters from three different perspectives
** Use different skills from each character (shooting, acrobatics, demolition and more) to perform intricate tasks to pull off the crime
** Employ modern infiltration and security bypass gadgetry, but more importantly, use your brain to stay ahead of the police and the Mob
** Experience the action packed storyline: stage heists in the most secure places around the globe, including modern art museum, luxury train, and high security jail
** 13 missions
1 to 3 players


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