(DS) Lunar Knights

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Cheat: RockMan Quest

When you're at the eastern solar bank, enter UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, L, R, L, R.


Dark Knight: Obtain level 99 with Sabata.

Sol Gunnert: Obtain level 99 with Django.

Sword Master: Level-up all of Sabata's weapons to 16.

Gun Master: Level-up all of Django's guns to 16.

Guardian: Level-up the protection capabilities of all sheilds.

Treasure Master: Get all of the accessories.

Hunt Master: Kill every type of monster.

Shooting Master: Obtain S-Rank for every Laplace stage.

Gladiator: Obtain S-Rank for all boss battles.

SP Agent: Finish all of the quests assigned by the guild.

Wanderer: Finish the game on every difficulty.

Adventurer: Finish the Epilogue Tower.

Collecter: Obtain all tracks for the Jukebox.

Grand Master: Finish all other titles.


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