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ESRB: Rating Pending - RP
Platform: PC Games
Category: Action Games
Soultrap by Microforum A review by Christopher Stewart. © 1997 In one sentence: I always wondered what it would be like to be a character inside one of those "jumping games" and now I know; it's tough. Soultrap is one of the new breed of 3D games wherein the player is portrayed as a rendered character in a world composed of various platforms (yea, kind of like Nintendo's Mario3D). The experience is pleasing even if the world around you is n a constant state of flux (moving targets for your transport often prove as tough as the rapidly moving characters that you battle). To quote the game; "Welcome to life on the edge, where you must face your greatest fears in order to survive a deadly nightmare world of distorted perspectives and hidden dangers". You, as the central character must travel through various worlds confronting your greatest fears. Good plot device to put worlds of divergent themes in the same game. The technical aspects of the game, installation and whatnot are standard and the manual, while small, is adequate due to the in-game training ground present (it's composed of the CD insert). Of all the game's aspects, the sound impressed me the most. All of it fit the various situations the player encounters and definately adds to the mystique. To learn the game's rather tricky controls an introductory level is provided wherein the player can practice jumping, shooting and encounter some of the traps and indiosyncries of the game. Movement in the world is quite smooth (on the spec'd system) although the graphics, in places, are sparse and the actual player's avatar seems to be unmapped. The game was never played without Direct3D hardware installed so performance on a "stock" system hasen't been tested. I suspect that it would be fine. The minimum system for this game is a P90 and I have no reason to disbelieve this claim. In the criticism department comes the biggie. It's too hard for this reviewer. To view the game I had to resort to a cheat that enabled me to jump levels. Now, I'm mainly a strategy game player so those with the reflexes fo a champion Nintendo player might do well with a romp through this bizarre and twisted world. The game DOES have a quicksave option. I suggest you use it . If you have the reflexes of a god (or have developed tendinitis playing a console game), check out Soultrap. I had fun dying........... System Requirements: Pentium 90 with 16 megs of ram. Windows '95. SVGA Windows compatible graphics card. Double-speed CD-ROM. Mouse. Windows compatible sound card (optional). Joystick (optional). System as Tested: Pentium 100/256k cache 32 megs EDO ram Soundblaster 16 ATI 3D Expression PC2TV (Rage2 chip with hardware MPEG) Samsung 17" Gli monitor. Logitech Cordless Mouseman Pro. CH Flightstick The Joystick is up! *note: DirectX 3.0 can be installed with this title. If you have a Direct3D card installed we recommend you consult your hardware's documentation before overwriting your present Direct3D drivers. SOme cards don't seem to like a generic version and you'll have to get the drivers from the manufacturer (often present on their web sites).


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