World of Diving: First Footage

World of Diving: First Footage
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So... World of Diving. Like many other "World of -" titles, World of Diving is an MMO, but for fans of diving, a largely neglected market. And it's kind of a bad thing it's neglected, because nothing chills a lot of people out like the endless vistas of our lovely oceans. Also collecting things, like... trash? Er, I'm sure *somebody* likes that. Still, I'm sort of underselling the idea here, so let me try again...

Basically, it will be compatible with the Occulus Rift, it uses real diver gestures (so you can feel like a *real* diver!), find shipwrecks, photograph pretty fish, use actual diver kit, and, finally, surprise sharks with flares... and survive!

And that's just what's in the game at the moment! You can see the first footage of the game below, and you can currently find it on Steam Greenlight ( , IndieGoGo (, or just go to the Vertigo games page, which is the group of talented people making this relaxing game! (

It'll be ready... Well, when it's ready (donations at IndieGoGo help), and it will apparently be released (providing it meets its targets) for PC, Mac, and Linux


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