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PinWar for iOS

PinWar for iOS

Category: Action/Horror

Developer Prank Entertainment and publisher BulkyPix are bringing a new type of pinball to iOS devices on February 7. PinWar is a competitive pinball game in which, rather than taking turns, two players (or a player and AI) control opposite sides of a table. Flippers exist at both ends, enabling each player to defend their drain and try to make the opponent let the ball through. BulkyPix seems to be marketing it as an evolution of pinball with two pinball games tables put together. You could also see it as an evolution of pong or breakout with flippers replacing paddles and new features added to the table. Regardless, PinWar uses many familiar mechanics in new ways.

Graphics and Sound

PinWar features energetic sounds and bright colors. The tables look as if they're lit with many vibrant, neon lights. Just as pinball tables were designed to be eye-catching to get people to play, so PinWar uses flashy looks as well.


There are three modes from which to choose - quick battle, battle, and mission. As you might guess, quick battle gets you into the game quickly, while battle allows you to choose your table and options. Both can be played by a single player or two players. As I mentioned earlier, there are paddles on each side of the screen, and you're tasked with defending your drain while trying to get the ball through your opponent's drain.

I found myself enjoying missions more than battle. Missions, like the previous modes, can be played alone or with two-players. They have various different tasks and can award either one, two, or three medals depending on how well you do. The tasks are varied but include navigating the ball through a maze with many flippers, breaking into something by destroying bumpers (like Break Out), or aiming at a specific spot. Each level of mission mode also gives two choices for single-player missions and two-choices for two-player missions.

The game is controlled with a few simple taps. Tap near the bottom-left to activate the left flipper(s), and tap near the bottom-right to activate the right flipper(s). When playing with another person, the second person uses the iOS device from the other side and has the same type of controls. At the beginning of each match, the game shows where you need to touch to activate the flippers, so it's easy to control.

PinWar handles multiplayer really well. It's nice that rounds are short, making the game perfect to pull out when you have a couple short minutes to kill. It's fun to play with a friend and nice that cooperative missions are available! In addition, you can create your own tables using an easy interface. Select the object, drag it where you want it, and tap to create a mirrored copy. I made what seemed like an awesome table until I went to try it. Turns out it was terrible. Luckily it's easy to go back and edit them!


I'm a big fan of iterating on classic games, and PinWar does this well. While it borrows from many different games, it combines them in a unique way. When you sit down to play PinWar, you'll quickly identify the various aspects without needing instruction, which is great because at the same time, you'll likely find yourself with a new type of experience. PinWar will be available for $1.99 on the App Store on February 7.

This review was based off a copy provided by BulkyPix for review purposes. Peter is MrDevee on Apple's Game Center and @TheUser on Twitter.


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