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Google Play boasts massive increases!

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Author: NeoSteel

Battle Bears Royale:

Average new users acquired after feature (daily): 148,100
Percent increase: 1,899%
Peak new users acquired (daily): 200,023 on December 21

Average DAU after feature: 233,967
Percent increase: 3,058%
Peak new DAUs: 270,478 on December 25

“We've seen amazing growth on Google Play,” said Ben Vu, co-founder and CEO of SkyVu. “With the help of Google and W3i, we're thrilled to bring our successful core action games to Android gamers around the world.”

PlayCoMo saw its daily average new users acquired for Little Dragons jump 4,686 percent during its feature. The game’s DAUs were also increased by 514 percent.

“The holidays are traditionally a huge earning period for mobile developers on both iOS and Android, and this can set the tone for the whole next year,” said W3i co-founder and senior vice president, Robert Weber. “We’re seeing here that a feature from Google can bear enormous results for developers over the holidays.”

W3i has provided monetization solutions for both SkyVu and PlayCoMo on their Android titles prior to the holidays as well.

“W3i now has over 66 million monthly active users across our networks,” said Weber. “This boost in user activity for the developers, which follows our recent partnership with Imangi on Temple Run, represents another big step forward for W3i as a leading monetization and acquisition platform.”

About W3i:
W3i is a leader in monetization and user acquisition solutions for mobile and web apps. The company’s mobile offer exchange sources and optimizes offers from leading providers, often doubling existing revenue. Offer providers benefit from the open marketplace of quality app enthusiasts with targeting and flexible pricing. W3i’s app experts deeply collaborate with application developers to grow their businesses. For more information, visit www.W3i.com and @W3i.

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