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Google Play boasts massive increases!

Category: Cell Phones
Author: NeoSteel

Holiday Features in Google Play Store Give Two Developers Massive Boosts in User Numbers

SkyVu sees 1,899 percent jump in daily new users for Battle Bears Royale,

PlayCoMo sees 4,686 percent jump in daily new users for Little Dragons

SAN FRANCISCO- January 25- Today W3i, a leader in mobile monetization and user acquisition, is releasing some holiday stats from its partners SkyVu and PlayCoMo. Both developers had features from December 21 to December 28 in the Google Play store, and both saw massive spikes in both new users acquired per day and daily active users (DAUs).

Google Play featured SkyVu’s game, Battle Bears Royale, and PlayCoMo’s game, Little Dragons. Battle Bears Royale, which had previously launched in Google Play, had a primary feature while Little Dragons had a secondary feature. The developers saw the following results:

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