Morning Star, written by John Scalzi

Morning Star, written by John Scalzi
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Morning Star is an upcoming FPS designed from the beginning for iOS. Industrial Toys, founded by former Bungie founder Alex Seropian, claims that their new game is the shooter reimagined due to the way it was designed for iOS. I don't know what to think about this. I've seen first-person shooters on the iOS previously, including ones designed specifically for it. One of these, Shadowgun, I reviewed previously and scoreed a 9.5 overall, so I do believe you can have a compelling FPS experience on the iPhone.

Will Morning Star up the ante? I think so, but the reason is a little different.

Morning Star is being written by my favorite science-fiction author, John Scalzi. Scalzi has written a number of fantastic novels such as the Old Man's War series, keeps a great blog called Whatever, and is president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. He also autographs my books and lets me take photos with him.

You can read his post about the game and see a trailer at his blog, the Whatever.


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