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SpinCraft for iOS

SpinCraft for iOS

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: Platformer

SpinCraft is a new platformer for iOS. While most iOS games of this genre are side-scrolling, SpinCraft is a 3D title, reminding me of the N64 era of platformers. It was developed by Mental Moustache and published by BulkyPix. I like to review BulkyPix titles because they've proven to have a good track record. SpinCraft is a free game featuring some ads and in-app purchases. The levels could use more variation, but the game was still fun.

Graphics and Audio

Graphics were colorful and very appealing. It's usually the graphics of an iOS title that make me interested, and that was the case with SpinCraft as well. As I mentioned earlier, it reminded me N64-era platformers (but with better graphics of course). Skins can be purchased for your character to change the look, but they're not needed. The music and sound effects were fine but could also use more variation.


SpinCraft is controlled using a virtual joystick, a boost (jump) button, and an attack button that causes you to spin. In each level, you're tasked with collecting three crystals to warp to the next level so you can deliver your pizza. What does each level have to do with delivering pizza in the story? I don't really know, but it doesn't really matter. The faster you complete the level, the better you do. You can collect coins to use on purchases such as skins, increased speed, increased boost, or the ability to break different colored crystals. Each crystal color gives a different powerup when broken. For example, breaking one particular color will give you a speed boost. This system is interesting because it basically allows you to unlock the ability to find new powerups in the world. This is a bit different than unlocks in a lot of other games.

There are 16 basic levels, a boss fight, and three bonus levels unlocked by finding a number of hidden pizzas. There were also three cute cutscenes. The pizzas are fairly difficult to find. I didn't spend much time specifically looking, but still only found four of twenty by the time I beat the game. SpinCraft is free, but if you like it after a couple levels, you might want to spend $0.99 on the coin multiplier so you can earn more. I only managed to purchase one upgrade. Having more coins to spend on upgrades would probably make it more fun, so I'd recommend you pick up the multiplier first.

The levels get bigger as you go and introduce a few more elements. However, they're all still the same basic design and style. I really liked the look, but by the end, it was feeling stale. I would really like more levels. It seems that another world is planned. I hope it has a different look.


Platformers feel like the classic example of "video game" to me. It's one of my favorite genres, so I like finding new, fun platformers to play on my iPhone. Despite little variation, I enjoyed SpinCraft. Because it's free, I really recommend you download it if you like platformers too. I'm looking forward to new levels!


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