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Fantasy Conflict for iPhone

Fantasy Conflict for iPhone

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: Strategy

Fantasy Conflict is a new real-time strategy game by Gaijin. They provided me a review copy for the iPhone, although there is an iPad version as well. When the king oversleeps because his clock didn't wake him, he declares war on the evil dwarves who must have stolen the clock's crystal! It's a humorous story that helps give some motivation to the tap-and-swipe strategy. While fairly simple, I enjoyed Fantasy Conflict.


The graphics are cute and colorful, and the story is told through detailed, humorous comics. The king seems very sure in his nation's superiority even when the player likely has second thoughts. If you've ever thought, "boy, I could go for some amusing political propaganda in a fantasy setting, preferably in a strategy game," which, let's face you, you probably have, then this game might just be for you. I do have one complaint about the general presentation. The text is way too small. I actually reported it as a possible bug.


Each level consists of a variety of bases. Troops are stationed at bases and can be sent to other bases. If a group of 15 attack a base that has 10 enemy troops, the 10 will cancel out and you will win the base, leaving you with 5 troops there. Things get more complicated because you can upgrade bases with guns or stronger walls. The guns will shoot enemy troops, while reinforced walls will change the power ratio of attacks.

There are also amulets you can purchase and magic spells you can upgrade. Amulets are always active, while spells have to be cast and are on cooldowns. There are a variety of spells that do different things such as attack all enemies, attack a particular base, call reinforcements, and much more.

The controls are simple. When a spell is ready, tap it to use it. If it requires targeting, you tap the target. You tap a base to select half of its troops and double-tap to select all of that bases troops. Then you tap their destination to send them on their way. You can also swipe from one base to another to get the troops marching.

Holding your finger on a base opens a small radial menu. This allows you to upgrade the base in various ways using troops stationed at the base as the currency. I had some trouble tapping these buttons, which is disappointing because in a quick battle, I sometimes didn't notice that I missed until later.

Fantasy Conflict has 35 levels as well as endless mode levels. There are three difficulties, and each level ranks you from one to three stars. There are also achievements and unlockable ranks and clothes for your heroes that serve as a visual reminder of your progress. Levels only take a couple minutes to complete, allowing the game to fit into short periods of gaming.


I had a lot of fun with Fantasy Conflict. Gameplay is deep enough to be engaging but easy enough that it's not stress-inducing. The graphics and story are great, but the small text size and hard to hit buttons do count against it. There are some minor grammar issues, but I wouldn't consider them problems. The iPad version (which maybe I should have requested instead of the iPhone version) is $2.99, and the iPhone version is $1.99. I consider both of these prices very fair. The game would be decently fun on the gameplay alone, but the amusing story puts it over the top!


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