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Fable: Hereos

Fable: Hereos

ESRB: Everyone - E
Platform: Xbox 360
Category: Action/Adventure
Author: NeoSteel

Developed by: Lionhead Studios
Published by: Microsoft Games

The heroes of Albion return in Fable: Heroes, and luckily there are no strings attached. Romp through the lands of Millfields, Gravestone, Bowerstone, and Aurora as a happy little puppet Hero, Hammer, Maze, or Reaver if you really wanted something interesting. Intriguingly enough, the world takes a strange turn once you beat the game. So sit back and enjoy Fable: Heroes and all of the puppetry fun that accompanies it.


The graphics for Fable: Heroes are a bit difficult to nail down as far as what to compare it to. They are certainly not up to snuff with the rest of the current generation of graphics, but they aren’t an 8-bit reenactment either: extremely cartoony, even more so than the host game, and extremely difficult to decipher between all of the characters and the enemies. Playing a solo game makes it infinitely easier to locate your character and know what’s going on. However, add another player to the game and the camera is forced to follow both of you, which makes it nearly impossible to keep track of your own character at all times. You will, without exception, find yourself following someone else’s character at some point in time. You will, without exception, also find yourself getting lost in the mess of enemies, gold, and characters at some point in time. Frustrations aside, lower your standards for this visually mediocre game. Excitedly enough, the levels match the full title games. I was pleasantly surprised with that.


The sound is cluttered, and that’s the only word that I can think to describe it. When you don’t have any enemies, the music is prominent and extremely well done. You can hear the characters clearly as you change their facial expressions from happy to overly happy, though prepare for the ensuing strange puppet noises. However, when you get a bunch of hobbes (for example) on the screen, and all four puppets start swinging like crazy, everything clashes and becomes quite incoherent. That would be my only complaint about the audio styling of this game.


Not spectacular, not boring or mediocre, just plain fun. Fable: Heroes is a great game to sit down with a couple of friends and just…play. You don’t need to gather all of the achievements to make this game feel worth it. However, if you wanted to gather the achievements, be aware of the fact that it is one of the first 400 point arcade titles. That being said, this game is just a great deal of fun. The levels look, for the most part, like a side scrolling version of the disc titles. Beating a level takes you to a monopoly-esque board where you roll the die and level up your characters. Doing certain things in the game unlocks ‘the inner board’ which will be accessible once you have bought all of the skills for one character on the outer board. The game offers a bit of a challenge in the boss areas, and an even more challenging section called Dark Albion…but fear not you insane hardcore gamers, there is also a Challenging game difficulty. Prepare for a good six or seven hours minimum of fun with this game.


The game is fun, but nothing spectacular. It does elude to a new game coming out titled Fable: The Journey, which has little to no information about it….which does strike an intrigue with me. As an arcade title, I would say that it’s worth the time and money that you would put in to it. But make sure you have a friend or two to play it with simply because the competitive nature of the game makes things extremely fun and gives it a replay value, as well. Unlock the characters, level them all up, and demolish the baddies of Albion once again, you’re in for a fun time.


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