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I Heart Geeks

I Heart Geeks

ESRB: Everyone - E
Platform: Nintendo DS , DSI
Category: Puzzle

Publisher: cdv Software Entertainment
Developer: cdv Software Entertainment

Rating: E for Everyone. (Comic Mischief)

A fun puzzle game for the kids, I Heart Geeks is sure to appeal to parents for its edutainment value and to children for its fun, simplistic gameplay. Older gamers may find the game reminiscent of ‘The Incredible Machine’ games, a series of games from the 1990’s with similar gameplay. As a geeky adult, I like the game. As a geeky kid, I’d have loved it.


While the graphics are decent enough, they are not particularly impressive. However, in the game’s defence, it seems to have been made primarily with gameplay in mind and developing the ability to think critically outside the box with children in mind. While I probably won’t be using any screenshots as my desktop background, the graphics serve their purpose well in conveying the proper information. The cartoonish designs are cute though, should appeal to kids, and do not appear to have any glaring flaws.


The music and sound effects are unobtrusive and contribute to the atmosphere of the game well. They aren’t necessarily required for the enjoyment of the game, meaning if you prefer to turn the volume off and listen to your own music or have the TV running in the background, you could. That’s a good thing for this genre of game. All the required information is conveyed through text which could be skipped without missing too much, though I do not recommend this game to any child who isn’t comfortable reading yet.


The gameplay is pretty much the main point of this game. It helps kids learn to think creatively by providing them puzzles that require some outside of the box thinking, but are simple enough not to frustrate too many kids around middle of elementary school aged and up.

The plot is uncomplicated. The game is focused around a group of elementary school geeks who, in retaliation to being bullied by the school, attempt to turn the tables by using science. The player is led through a series of several puzzle levels by one of the geeks in a particular field, such as mechanics. Each of the puzzles involve putting various objects related to the applicable field (such as conveyer belts, gears, and motors for physics or items like a steam engine for liquids and gases) before solving a ‘Boss Level’ where you use what you’ve learned to humiliate a jerk jock. Once you complete the set of levels and boss conveyed by one geek, you move on to the next series of levels and tasks provided to you by a different geek.

The story is such that it’s interesting but could be glossed over without subtracting much from the game if you just want to sit and solve puzzles. The plot’s main purpose seems to emphasize that it’s good to be smart and that brains are nothing to be embarrassed over. While I mentioned that the story could be glossed over by someone who simply wants to get to the main levels, the tutorial levels, which are also text heavy, are quite helpful, so like I said earlier, you probably want your child reading comfortably or have someone read for them if you want them to get the fullest benefit out of the game.

There is a multiplayer feature that you could play with a nearby friend where you and your friend compete to see who could complete a particular level with the available resources the fastest. Any level that you’ve already completed in the main game is available to play in multiplayer.

Being a game primarily aimed at kids, there aren’t too many features to complicate things. There is a list of high scores you can access. Scores are determined by how quickly you solve the puzzles.


I Heart Geeks is simple, does not take itself too seriously, is educational, and fun. It reminds me of “The Incredible Machine” from 1992 but with a bit of a plot-line added.


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