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Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters Screens!


Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters Screens!

Platform: Xbox 360
Category: Arcade, Simulation
Official Homepage

Despite what some may think, flight games are alive and well. And now, screens released by the devs have shown that Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters (JASF, to its friends), is going to have a fair amount of variety in its simulation. I've only put three of them in this news release, but they're all available on the website, and they look shiny as all heck.

Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters is apparently going to have 16 missions, a 65,000 square kilometer playground, and 30 jets from around the world to play with as you fellow manchildren bomb around making "NYEOW! DAKADAKADAKA WOOSH!" noises. And it's coming to the world at the end of March.

So look forward to more jet-fighting goodness in the near future!


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