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Rage Comic #3, More Behind the Scenes, A Special Edition

Rage Comic #3, More Behind the Scenes, A Special Edition

Platform: Xbox 360
Category: First Person Shooter
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So, over the past week or so, we've been getting a fair amount of RAGE related news. First up, RAGE's prequel comic is now up to Issue 3, and continues the prequel story that's supposed to explain parts of what's going on in the RAGE world. It's by Dark Horse, that brilliant stable of damn good comics, and has cover art by Glenn Fabry, best known for his work on 2000AD's Slaine.

For those who can wait, and love lots of lovely Pre-order extras, GAME is currently doing a pre-order Special Edition with RAGE, which gives you the usual shiny cover, the Making Of DVD we've all come to expect from Special or Limited Editions, all the issues of the comic, and gives you the "Anarchy" edition of the game, which has four extra in-game items... A double-barrelled shotgun (Always welcome in an Id game!), "Crimson Elite Armour" (which apparently has tough armour plating and more crafting spaces), "Fists of RAGE" (Oh, ho ho ho... but seriously, they seem like clawed knuckle dusters... again, always nice for brutal combat), and the "Rat Rod Buggy", which apparently has a front smash guard and better armour. So nothing *too* game-breaking, then... The only problem, of course, being that the GAME site is being worked on right now, so it might be a day or two before you can access the link. Aren't the interwubs wonderful?

And, of course, a little while back, Id and Bethesda released a sixth 'Behind the Scenes' trailer for RAGE, talking about the sound and artwork of the game. Seems pretty cool!

For those who love conventions, you'll be pleased to know that both RAGE and Skyrim, being published by Bethesda, can be played at the Eurogamer Expo this year. Be warned, due to the big names behind it, expect really long queues!


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