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Zen Pinball FX 2 - Marvel Pinball: Captain America Table

Zen Pinball FX 2 - Marvel Pinball: Captain America Table

ESRB: Everyone - E
Platform: PS3
Category: Arcade, DLC

Developer: Zen Studios
Publisher: Zen Studios


Offline players 1 – 4
Online multiplayer 1 – 4
Content downloads

As a Canadian I am very proud of my country and I’d like to think that as a country we are just as a proud as our neighbors to the south who are soon to celebrate their Independence Day. With this in mind, it is quite fitting that Zen Studios has released a new pinball table featuring an iconic American Hero, Captain America. Perhaps it has more to do with the upcoming Captain America movie as well, but it’s a nice way for patriots to show their love of home and country in the form of some pinball fun.


The Captain America table is designed with World War II in mind including features such as barracks, paratroopers and military jeeps to help set the theme. The table is full of great little details like medals, barbed wire, and one of my personal favorite touches, a sniper rifle sight for a pinball launcher. On the surface of the table itself you will also notice other details, such as Howard Stark and Dum Dum Dugan along with Captain America, Red Skull and Baron Zemo with the last three playing more substantial role in the game.

Like all of the pinball tables available for Pinball FX 2, you are left with a great impression of the work that went into it. With all the lights, animations, and the overall presence of the table, it’s hard not to be impressed. The table design is pretty much perfect and there is rarely any fault that can be found. If I did have one complaint about the table it would be that I felt that the theme should have been more about American Patriotism than the American Military, but given the story of Captain America, I can see why it is so.


The background music is quite patriotic, and very American, as it should be when thinking of Captain America taking on the forces of evil. The familiar whistles, dings and the metallic travelling noise as the ball travels around the table add to the already fantastic sound experience. Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot of unique sounds that go along with the table, save for some voice work of Captain America and Red Skull when the mini-games built into the game are activated. Although the sound and music is pretty good it is just not very extensive.


Pinball FX2, for those who don’t know, is a highly rated (8.8 from Game Boyz) pinball simulator that has nailed down all the mechanics, physics and charm of pinball and turned it into a virtual form. The ability to tilt the table, aim accurately with the pinball flippers, and the overall themed gameplay is expertly done. All these features, with the addition of an array of space themed objectives, make this Pinball experience a lot of fun and challenging at the same time.

The Captain America table at first left me quite frustrated as the physics seemed to be not working properly, however after a few tries I soon discovered that the table worked in its own unique way and I started piling up some high scores. It just hit home even more how hard Zen Studios works on making each table not only look different, but also play and feel different as well.

The mini-games built into the Captain America table are some of the more enjoyable ones that I have played through with over six different ones such as Resistance, Dig Site, Archive, Adhesive X, Sparring and Death Ray. Two of my personal favourites had to be Sparring and Death Ray. When Sparring is activated a battle between Captain America and Red Skull begins, leaving it to you to hit the right spots on the table to get Cap’ to hit Red Skull, and on the other side of things: hit the wrong spot and Cap’ gets it in the chops. When Death Ray is activated Baron Zemo hits Cap’ with his Death Ray temporarily weakening him and once again you have to hit certain targets on the table to help him recover. This all happens on a timer so if time runs out you will lose your ball and have to start all over.

Like all of the other tables that are available in Pinball FX2, there is a great multiplayer portion of the game where you can take turns with three other players or play against a friend in split screen mode. There is also the ability to take the game onto Xbox LIVE where you can play against up to three other players or you can in participate in Tournaments.


Overall, the Captain America table is quite solid. Those who are fans of Captain America, or who are fans of Pinball as a whole, should be happy, as this is another great table to keep their pinball flippers flapping away. In a pinball simulator this is pretty much a perfect scenario, and one can only hope Zen Studios will continue to create more quality tables in the future.


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