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YumYumBoy! for iOS

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: Puzzle

Recently I had the chance to play a terrific new iPhone game called YumYumBoy! It was provided to me by developer Small Wonders, the people behind Battle of Puppets, a great side-scrolling RTS game for iOS. YumYumBoy is a fun and original puzzle game!

The game features simple, nice graphics, and wonderful music. The sound effects are clear and in the same happy, light-hearted style as the graphics. The premise behind the game is simple: The boy wants to eat sweets and junk food, but his mom wants him to eat healthy foods. You are tasked with helping him eat what he wants! The writing is sometimes slightly incorrect, but the errors and minor, but I can't hold such minor errors against a game from a developer whose primary language isn't English. YumYumBoy features lots of levels and three unique game modes.

The game consists of multiple columns with food at the top. Over time, the food items descend with new food items coming down from the top. Any food item in the bottom of its column can be sucked into your mouth. You can hold four in your mouth at a time. Then you can spit the items out all together in any column you choose. Having three or more of the same food item touch makes them disappear! The trick is to try to make combos. Here's an example. First, let's say you suck up different food items, and then spit them out. The top two that were spit out are the same type, and they touch a third that was already present. There are now three touching, so they disappear. Now let's say that the bottom two of the four originally in your mouth are different than the other two, but the same as each other. They now slide up the column to fill the hole. Now if you've set up the combo correctly, they should now be touching a third item of the same type as they are, which makes another match! In this case, you've made two matches with one move - a nice combo!

Story mode gets progressively harder as the levels continue. Gluttony is the same gameplay as the story mode except its an unending, high score mode. Puzzle mode, however, feels drastically different. It tasks you with removing all the food items present in a preset number of moves. Small Wonders did a great job featuring these three different modes. Sometimes I want to use my reflexes, and sometimes I want to use my mind. I have both options.

I really enjoyed YumYumBoy! At first glance, it looks similar to some other games, but in actuality, it's very original and well made. YumYumBoy is available on the App Store for $1.99. Small Wonders has once again proven itself a master of the iOS platform. Do yourself a favor and try YumYumBoy!


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