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Innovative Arcade-Style Matching Game, Fish Tank From iFun4All Now Available PSP

Innovative Arcade-Style Matching Game, Fish Tank From iFun4All Now Available PSP

Platform: PSP
Category: Puzzle

iFun4All, leading Polish developer of highly entertaining games, today announced that Fish Tank, an arcade-style matching game, in the vein of Columns or DynoGems is now available on PSP worldwide. Fish Tank has been released in Europe few months ago on PSP and the game has received great acclaim for its innovative game play mechanics. If you love matching games, and are looking for a few challenge, this one is not to be missed.

In Fish Tank, instead of matching gems or blocks, you are matching colors of fish, and the gameplay happens horizontally, not vertically. Different colors of fish swim from the left-hand side of the screen to a 5×8 grid on the right-hand side of the screen. You control their up and down movement with the controls and guide them into rows, though it can be a little tricky telling just which row they are going to end up in.

There is a great deal of strategy as to when you should cash in your matched fish. The matched groups don't automatically vanish when you reach the minimum number in a row. You need to manually clear the group of matches. The bigger the group, the more points it is worth, and you also get more points if you cash in more than one group at a time. Also complicating matters is a large number of power-ups. These drift along like the fish, and you play them at the right time. Most of these have good effects, but some will remove fish without adding to your score, which can be a mixed blessing.


· Fun and addictive gameplay
· There are two modes, arcade mode and challenge mode
· 24 different challenges, and in each one you can win a different medal
· Original implementation of arcade-style matching game, one you'll want to return over and over to play
· Challenging for hardcore gamer, great way to introduce new players to the genre

The game in now available worldwide right now for $3.99 and it will make its debut on the iPhone and iPad soon.


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