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Minute to Win It for iOS

Minute to Win It for iOS

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: Action Games, Arcade

Minute to Win It, provided to me by Capcom, is a new iOS game based on NBC's television program. The game features a variety of one-minute challenges / mini-games. From the graphics and sound to the system of unlockables, the game is very polished. Unfortunately, the challenges are too challenging!

The first thing I noticed about Minute to Win It was the high level of polish. It features nice graphics and music and sound that are superb. It also features two modes - a main mode and a challenge mode. In the main mode of Minute to Win It, you play through a variety of challenges. You're given a certain number of lives total, and each time you fail a challenge, you lose a life. Complete all the challenges to beat the main game! Each successive challenge is worth more money, and when you earn enough money, you unlock another game for challenge mode. At any time you can choose to continue playing to bank the money you've earned. Banking the money guarantees that you make progress towards unlocking a new challenge, because if you lose all your lives, you lose the money you didn't bank. Of course, because each challenge is worth more than the last, banking your money means you miss the opportunity to make even more money.

Challenge mode lets you choose specific challenges to play. It tracks how many times you tried it, how many times you won, and your best time. In this mode you can play solo or you can play against your friends. Minute to Win It gives you the option to play head-to-head against another device over Bluetooth or multiplayer with a single device. In the single-device multiplayer, you take turns attempting a challenge with up to four people. Including single-device multiplayer is a great choice, and I was very happy to see it.

There are a wide variety of challenges available in the game. One has you swiping to throw balls towards a 3x3 grid of cups in an attempt to get three balls in a row. Another game has five colored cups in a circle and a pile of matching colored tiles in the middle. One cup is highlighted, and you have to drop the correctly colored tile into it before the next cup becomes highlighted. The trick is to do it quickly without dropping the wrong color into a cup so you can clear away the tiles within one minute. I enjoyed the challenges, but they are far too difficult. Yes, it takes practice, but at this point, I think most gamers will get frustrated with Minute to Win It long before they get better at the challenges.

Capcom clearly put a lot of care into the game. The risk/reward trade-off of continuing the main game or banking your money towards unlocking challenges is fantastic. I also love that challenge mode tracks plays, wins, and best time. Combined with achievements, this gives the game a lot of replay value. However, the biggest replay value comes from single-device multiplayer. Not everyone has an iPhone, and not all iPhone owners own this game. With single-device multiplayer, you can have fun with Minute to Win It with any of your friends. The big drawback to the game is the very high difficulty of the challenges. At $1.99, many gamers will likely find themselves frustrated over the challenges. Minute to Win It is available now on iTunes, and if you're up to the (extreme) challenge, you'll likely enjoy the game. However, if you're like me, you may want to see if Capcom tunes the difficulty down a bit.


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