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SNK Playmore Launches 8 New NEOGEO titles for the PSP system Via "NEOGEO Station" on the PlayStation Store!

SNK Playmore Launches 8 New NEOGEO titles for the PSP system Via "NEOGEO Station" on the PlayStation Store!

Platform: PSP
Category: Action Games, Action/Adventure, Sports

SNK PLAYMORE USA CORPORATION today announced that the release of "ALPHA MISSION II", "ART OF FIGHTING", "BASEBALL STARS PROFESSIONAL", "LEAGUE BOWLING", "MAGICIAN LORD", "SAMURAI SHODOWN", "SUPER SIDEKICKS", and "THE KING OF FIGHTERS '94" for the PSP® systems* via the NEOGEO Station / SNK PLAYMORE USA Publisher Page on the PlayStation®Store (SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT AMERICA, LLC). Each NEOGEO title for the PSP is available for $6.99 per title.

January 2011 SNK PSP Titles Available on PlayStation Network

A classic shooter from the early days of the NEOGEO, blasts off once again from NEOGEO Station! Equip up to three pieces of armor, which also serve as weapons, for a variety of attacks such as the laser and flamethrower. Use them to defeat the evil "Fulvar" and save mankind!

The fighting game that redefined the genre, also the first 100 Mega Shock title, is back on NEOGEO Station! Its innovative spirit gauge and super attack moves, combined with exhilarating effects and dramatic event scenes, make it a must-play for all fighting fans.

A title that launched with the NEOGEO in 1990, suits up for NEOGEO Station! Inspired by big league ball, it features a VS Mode and a Tournament Mode, dynamic animation, voiced commentary, and an array of up-close action shots for the complete baseball experience!

A simple yet exhilarating bowling game, rolls onto NEOGEO Station! Players select their own ball and which arm to use. Then it's just choosing a direction and how much power to apply! Features three game modes and hilarious, over-the-top animations when you get that strike!

A platformer from ADK and a NEOGEO launch title is resurrected on NEOGEO Station! Set in a mystical realm, players go on a quest to defeat the evil wizard Gal Agiese and his horde of monsters. Use magic attacks and combine elemental orbs to change between six different forms!

The original weapon-based fighting game, is back for battle on NEOGEO Station! Samurai, ninja, and other exotic fighters star in this classic that focuses on powerful strikes. Features a rage gauge that turns incurred damage into attack power, and intense, button-mashing weapon clashes!

SNK's first soccer game, takes to the field on NEOGEO Station! Dribble, pass, and shoot your way to victory as you go head to head with powerhouses from around the world in the SNK Cup. Come out on top and enjoy a toast worthy of a champion!

The first game hailed as a dream match of SNK characters, makes its way to the NEOGEO Station! Still beloved by countless fans, its revolutionary three-on-three team battle system sets it apart from all other fighting games.


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