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DiscoTech for iOS

DiscoTech for iOS

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: Action Games

DiscoTech for the iPhone, provided to me by D7 Studios, is a great tilt-controlled maze game with excellent design. Similar to the classic, physical game, Labyrinth, you’re tasked with guiding a disco ball through funky stages without hitting obstacles or falling. The game is bright and colorful with awesome disco music and lots of fun!

DiscoTech controls extremely well - tilt the device to move the disco ball. I really want to emphasize how well the tilt controls work. I’ve played similar games made by much larger companies with terrible tilt control schemes. DiscoTech controls incredibly well and precisely. To reach each stage’s goal, you must avoid obstacles, refrain from falling off the sides, and successfully unlock doors to reach the goal.

The game features five easy, five normal, and five hard levels. The last level of each difficulty is a dance off in which you must fight against another ball instead of reaching a goal. Finishing a level within a certain amount of time can reward bronze, silver, or gold medals. These goals are quite difficult but provide a challenge for those looking for more content. You can also collect records in each stage to unlock additional skins for your disco ball!

The music, as one would expect from a disco-themed game, consists of groovy disco tunes that fit the game well. There’s even some superb voice acting during the dance off stages! The game looks great with bright colors and flashing lights that would go well on a dance floor. I was also happy with the difficulty curve; each level provided a challenge as I mastered the previous levels. The stages are fun and grow in complexity.

There really isn’t much more I should have to say about DiscoTech. D7 Studios took a simple concept and didn’t add superfluous frills or mechanics. What they did do was took care to polish the game, created an intuitive, precise control scheme, and designed interesting levels with obvious care and thought. DiscoTech is a fun tilt-based labyrinth game that really outshines its competition. Boogie on down to the App Store to pick it up for $0.99!


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