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The Tester Season 2 Winner is Crowned in Season Finale of PlayStation Network's Original Competitive Reality Series

The Tester Season 2 Winner is Crowned in Season Finale of PlayStation Network's Original Competitive Reality Series

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Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA) announced today the winner of the second season of PlayStation®Network’s original competitive reality series,The Tester™.Matthew Brown, AKA “Gaymer,” took home the winning title in the season finale, beating out the other 11 contestants in a series of physical and mental challenges throughout the eight episode season and earning his position as SCEA’s newest video game tester in the Quality Assurance department. Additionally, as part of his grand prize, Brown also received a $5,000 signing bonus, a 46” 3D Bravia TV, and a limited edition ‘The Tester’ PlayStation®3computer entertainment system.

“It’s an absolute dream come true to have come out on top of The Tester. I had such an incredible experience participating in the challenges, demonstrating my leadership skills and sharing my passion and love for gaming,” said Matthew “Gaymer” Brown. “There was no question that I wanted to be a part of the season, and while I had to fight through some of those eliminations to get to the end, it was completely worth it. I am really looking forward to beginning my career in video games as a PlayStation Tester.”

The second season of The Tester premiered exclusively on the PlayStation Network on November 2, 2010 with 12 new cast members. Panelists Brent Gocke, release manager at SCEA, and Adrienne Curry, reality television star, along with weekly guest panelists, decided the fate of the contestants based on their weekly performance in competitions and their overall drive to becoming a QA Tester.

“The challenges were designed to test skills that make a good QA Tester, including communication, teamwork and attention to detail. Matthew in particular not only performed well through the challenges, but his desire to become a part of the video game industry really stood out,” said Brent Gocke, release manager, SCEA. “Being a QA Tester is a great way to get into the business and learn a lot about what goes into getting a product out and into our consumers’ hands. Wherever this opportunity might take Matthew, he definitely has a positive attitude and is enthusiastic to be a part of this industry, and I’m cheering for him.”

In addition to Will “Cyrus” Powers, last season’s winner of The Tester, who got his start in the video game industry as a QA Tester before moving on to other opportunities within SCEA, there are a number of key individuals that launched into the video game industry by way of a QA Tester, including:

· David Jaffe, co-founder of Eat, Sleep, Play: Jaffe began his career as a QA Tester at Sony Imagesoft before moving through various positions as a game producer and designer, working on hit titles like Twisted Metal® and God of War®, and eventually founded his own company in 2007.

· Ed Kim, project manager, Insomniac Games: Starting out in the industry as a QA Tester at Electronic Arts, Kim realized he could turn his passion into a long-term career and moved on to serve as the QA Lead at Insomniac Games, where he worked on the Ratchet & Clank® series. He is now a project manager at Insomniac and is currently working on Resistance®3.

· Kyle Shubel, executive producer, SCEA: Starting out as a QA Tester, Shubel built solid relationships with the development community and got ingrained in the testing and bug writing process, which eventually paved the way to other positions including QA Lead, Line Producer, Senior Producer and eventually Executive Producer. Shubel has worked on hit titles like Killzone®, Little Big Planet™, Gran Turismo®5, and Heavy Rain® along the way.

The Tester Season 2 is packed with entertainment and intense competition. To catch up on the entire season, visit the PlayStation® Store for free downloads of all eight episodes in both high-definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) formats, or visit PlayStation®Home– Theater 6.


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