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Zombies Ala Mode

Zombies Ala Mode

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: Action Games

Zombies Ala Mode by Crawlspace Games is a balance game in which you play as a zombie ice cream server. The main character holds a cone while the boss tosses up random types of ice cream. Meanwhile, customers appear on the left or right of the screen asking for specific combinations of their favorite ice cream. The goal is to collect and deliver the right ice cream order to each customer in a timely manner. While the game’s premise seems easy, Zombies Ala Mode continues to build on it making each level more challenging than the last.

The controls are really basic in this game. To get the main character to move on the screen, all you have to do is tilt the device left or right, depending on the direction in which you want him to move. The steeper the tilt, the more quickly he will move. Customers appear on the left or right with thought bubbles stating the type and quantities of ice cream that they want. For instance, they could want three blueberry scoops and one strawberry scoop, and the player must collect those scoops. The order of the scoops doesn’t matter – as long as the quantities are correct, the customer will be happy. When you’re finished collecting the scoops, get to the customer’s hand and tap the screen to deliver the cone. If you fill their order quickly, the customer will give a tip, but if you take too long, they’ll get angry and go away. If there are too many angry customers, your character will get fired. If you save up enough money, you can go to the shop and purchase different helmets.

Early on in the game, the boss mentions that sometimes when he’s scooping ice cream, other things sometimes go flying. If your character gets hit by the boss’ spatulas or ice cream scoopers, he’ll fall over and lose all the scoops he was holding. The later levels start introducing larger objects to avoid, like umbrellas or lawn chairs. Try your best to avoid being hit because your boss will take money out of your tips for your lack of grace. (That’s how zombies roll!) If you spend your tips at the shop, you can purchase a helmet to protect you from some of the falling objects. At the end of each chapter, the game usually has an alternate level in which your goal is to do something else, like dodge evil ice cream scoops or shoot bugs away for a certain amount of time. I really enjoyed the change in gameplay.

Overall Zombies Ala Mode is fun and simple. The levels get progressively harder with more things to avoid and customers becoming impatient more quickly, so it definitely keeps up the challenge. I found the game to be pretty funny sometimes – like I still haven’t figured out why all the characters are zombies or why they’re so crazy about their ice cream instead of brains. The art is very cute and bright, and the music is swing-y and fun. Zombies Ala Mode is available for $0.99 on the App Store.


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