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Disney Tangled: The Video Game


Disney Tangled: The Video Game

Platform: Nintendo Wii
Category: Adventure

Developer: Planet Moon Studios
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios


Multiplayer: 2-4 Players
Wii Remote
Wii Nunchuk

Disney has taken the Brothers Grimm fairy tale of Rapunzel and added a twist to hopefully create another timeless Disney Classic for another generation of children. With this title going to the big screen, it coincides with a video game partner for the Nintendo Wii, where fans of the movie can play as their favourite characters along with exploring the world of Tangled. With that in mind, Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let us go on this adventure!


Visually, Tangled takes the charming and beautiful animation style from the motion picture and translates it to the video game seamlessly. Character animations are well done, especially when it comes to the main characters Rapunzel and Flynn, with their distinct walking/running animations bringing the characters to life. The various levels are designed well and offer a challenge to gamers that gravitate towards this title; however, veteran gamers will breeze through the levels quite easily.

The cut scene movies throughout the game are typical Disney animations and keep the style of the movie well. Although the Nintendo Wii doesn't power these out in top notch HD visuals, the cartoon movies are a delight to watch and full of vibrant colours.


Overall the sound is well done and I am sure a lot of the sound effects and music have been taken from the motion picture to re-create the world of Tangled. The typical themed music that I’ve come to expect from Disney plays throughout the game and does add the special set of sound effects into the musical mix to create the perfect musical atmosphere.

Rounding out the sound are Mandy Moore and Zach Levi reprising their roles as Rapunzel and Flynn respectively. Having the voice actors from the film in the video game makes the game stand out and aids in getting the exact same atmosphere created in the movie. Fans of the movie will be delighted to know that it is actually Rapunzel and Flynn, not someone mimicking the voice actors from the film.


Being based off the movie, the game tells a good chunk of the story, so it might be best to take a trip to the movie theatre before jumping into the game as there are more than likely some spoilers. With that in mind, the game starts off in Rapunzel’s Tower, which acts as the central location throughout the game where you can choose a level from the map or to jump into the mini-games. Other things that you can do in the tower are: view stats, view credits, view your journal and finally, you can paint a mural on the wall.

Core gameplay is fairly simple — you play through a level and after you complete that level it will unlock another in movie plot sequence. Each level is beautifully propped up by a 3D environment full of obstacles that you have to navigate through while completing missions given to you by characters throughout the game. Some of these missions are simple, such as waking someone up, to more complicated missions, such as racing goats.

Both Rapunzel and Flynn are at your disposal in single player and co-op. In single player you have to swap back and forth between characters depending on the task at hand, while in co-op you have to solve the obstacles and puzzles together. For example, Rapunzel can use her hair to swing across chasms or can use her hair to lend Flynn a hand climbing up to places he couldn’t normally reach. Flynn on the other hand can use his sword to cut down bushes in the duo’s path, unlocking more of the level to explore.

Of course throughout the game there are collectible items to be obtained like Sundrops (collected by Rapunzel) and Coins (collected by Flynn) and colour palettes that will help unlock new colours for painting. Flynntuition is an ability of Flynn’s that allows him to find hidden chests, adding some more collectibles to be found.

Finally there are the actual controls that can be used in two ways: the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combination or just using the Wii Remote. Both control set ups work well offering varying levels of difficulty and ease, depending on what you're comfortable with. It would be best to try out both options and see what control scheme is best suited to each gamer. Personally, I went with the more traditional control scheme and used the single Wii Remote. With either scheme there is a “Hold My Hand” feature that allows a more experienced gamer or parent to jump in and help a younger player who may be having difficulty in a portion of the game.

The multiplayer part of the game is available for up to four players with the first two players taking on the roles of Rapunzel and Flynn while the third/fourth players take on more of a guardian angel role where they can break objects and stun enemies throughout the level to aid in Rapunzel and Flynn’s missions. It would have been nice to be able to play some henchman type characters rather than an invisible force for a more fleshed out multiplayer experience; however, since this is a family title it makes it easy for less experienced players to participate easily.

Unfortunately, the story mode is quite short and aside from the collectibles it probably won’t have much replay level. However, there are some challenge/mini-games based on the variety of levels you complete in the story mode that add a bit more to the game, although it is not much.

The overall gameplay is what I’ve come to expect from a Disney title combined with the Nintendo Wii controls, which is a fun and entertaining experience for a younger gaming crowd. The controls work well with either control scheme and there is plenty of help via an older sibling or parent who can jump in to give the younger gamer a hand.

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