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GelaSkins Device Skins

GelaSkins Device Skins

Platform: Nintendo Wii
Category: Hardware

GelaSkins is a terrific site that allows you to quickly and easily create your own custom skins for many popular devices. It supports 50 types of phones, 15 iPods / mp3 devices, 15 laptops, 19 game devices (consoles, handhelds, and controllers), and 9 iPad / ebook readers. GelaSkins recently gave me a Nintendo DS Lite skin, and I am pleased with the entire process. The skin has now been on my device for two weeks. It’s great!


When creating a skin, you can choose a premade skin or design your own. GelaSkins has over 100 artists and 20 collaborators, including tokidoki, Marvel, National Geographic, and The World of Mr. Toast. I knew what I wanted right away - tokidoki. First you pick your image (or you can upload your own). tokidoki had five from which to choose; I used the Inferno print. Next, you choose your device. I went for the Nintendo DS Lite. No premade tokidoki layouts were created for the DS Lite, but that was okay with me. I wanted to create my own anyway!

When you first create a custom layout, the site offers to show you a video tutorial. The video’s only two minutes long, but I still jumped into the creation process without watching. I did go back to watch it later before finalizing my creation, but the process is very simple and self-explanatory! When you’re creating your layout, you’ll see a list of steps that represent the sides of the device. For example, when I made my DS Lite skin, there were two steps - “inside” and “outside.” This allows you to customize each side of your device separately. The images you’ve chosen are displayed along the bottom. You can use multiple images from the site and images you’ve uploaded as well. To add an image to the layout, you simply drag it up from the bottom. You can rotate, resize, and drag around the images.

The most recently added image will always be on top of the other images. Make sure to keep that in mind if trying anything complex! Unfortunately, it doesn't have the ability to crop images, but I still easily created a fantastic layout. The entire process is very simple. I spent a lot of time trying different tokidoki images to decide which looked best. I chose a different one on the outside than the inside and actually added the inside one twice so I could scale the top and bottom differently than each other. Lucky for me that GelaSkins offers a lot of customization.

While I spent over an hour perfecting my skin, I expect most people can finish in less than five minutes. I’m a big tokidoki fan, so it was fun for me to play with the creation tool. I’ve met the tokidoki artist, Simone Legno, multiple times, and he’s even autographed and doodled on my 360. In the end, I had created a tokidoki skin that really pleased me and reached my own high standards. It was a fun process, and I was looking forward to receiving my skin. So, how was the actual skin?


The product that arrived was fantastic. The images were high quality and looked crisp. Basically, the skin comes as large stickers that are placed on the device. It took me about one hour to apply the skin. Yes, the application process was a bit of a hassle, but applying any skin to a device is going to be a hassle. I would line up one side, start to put it down, find that the other side didn’t align, and have to pull the skin back up again. Anyone who has put on screen protectors or skins will probably sympathize. To be clear, the process wasn’t any more difficult than putting on any other skin or protector. It takes time to make sure everything is aligned perfectly.

One type of skin I used frequently before GelaSkins used soapy water rather than adhesive. These skins needed to be dipped in mildly soapy water and applied to the device in a steamy room (usually a bathroom). After application, the device would need to dry for 48 hours while the skin tightened. The GelaSkins didn’t need anything like that! The process really is simply placing a giant sticker down on a device. The advantage of the soapy water skin was that the skin could be slid around on the device after being placed to get it perfect. While that part might be easier, it’s definitely not worth the hassle of the whole procedure. I’m much happier with GelaSkins. If you want a perfect product, the process WILL take some time. However, putting a GelaSkins brand skin on a device isn’t a complex procedure – just a time-consuming one. Be prepared to spend some time putting the skin on the device, and then be prepared to be impressed with the result.


My skin looks beautiful, and I’m really happy with it. Of course, there are holes for the speakers and buttons. The top of the DS has a raised symbol (two rectangles representing the dual screens). The skin doesn’t have a hole for this raised symbol, which I initially thought might look strange. However, the skin looks great on top of the symbol. In fact, having a hole there would have hurt the image on the skin, but covering it looks fine. The bottom piece of the skin is also solid, covering the battery door. This shouldn’t really be a problem. When was the last time you had to replace your battery? If you do want to replace your battery, do it before you put your skin on the DS!

Of course, another big consideration is how well the skin holds up. I’ve used my DS Lite for two weeks now with the skin on it, and it still looks great. Because of the way the skin folds over, the tips of the corners of the DS aren’t covered. If you drop your DS, the corners are likely to hit the ground and won’t be protected. I’ve used skins in the past that covered this area by having small flaps that fold around. In my opinion, this isn’t worth it. With other skins, the flaps always end up peeling up, getting dirty, and never sticking back down again. The GelaSkins DS Lite skin covers the majority of the DS securely and does so in large pieces so there is no small flap that could peel up on its own. It’s been attached well for two weeks now, and I think it’ll stay on nicely for a long time.


This is one product with which I am quite happy. GelaSkins is the only skin brand I’ve seen with so many great artists and collaborations from which to choose. GelaSkins protects your devices while turning them into works of art! I am very pleased with my skin, and I like the way my DS looks now. I will definitely continue to buy from GelaSkins, and I highly recommend them! Whether you want protection for your device or simply want some custom art, check out GelaSkins online and try making one (or more than one)!


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