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The PS2 Celebrates its 10th Birthday in North America

The PS2 Celebrates its 10th Birthday in North America

Platform: PlayStation 2
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Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. (SCEA) celebrates its tenth anniversary of the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the system that reset the boundaries of what a video game experience should be when it debuted on October 26, 2000. With its integrated DVD and CD technology, online connectivity and introduction of motion gaming through the EyeToy® USB camera, PlayStation 2 was the first system to serve as a true entertainment hub for the whole family. A decade later the system is still being introduced into living rooms across the globe and welcoming new generations of gamers, some of whom were not born when the system first launched.

Astounding in its global reach and still one the most popular video game systems ever, one in every three U.S. households own a PlayStation 2 system and 146 million people around the world can attest to its incomparable entertainment value. The PlayStation 2 system is responsible for raising the bar by introducing popular franchises such as God of War®, Gran Turismo®, Ratchet & Clank®, and METAL GEAR SOLID® (Konami Digital Entertainment) all of which live on as fan favorites and continue to make their way into the hands of new gamers to this day. In its tenth year the PlayStation 2 system invites fans back for more with exciting content like the Limited Edition Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story 3: The Video Game® bundle for the system, to be released on October 31, 2010. Available nationwide at participating retailers for $99 (MSRP), this new bundle combines the PlayStation 2 system with Toy Story 3: The Video Game, which challenges players to help Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the Toys ensure no toy gets left behind.

“The PlayStation 2 was the first true home entertainment platform, enabling consumers to consolidate their entertainment desires into one console,” said Jesse Divnich, vice president of capital research & communications, EEDAR. “Since 2000, the video game industry has expanded in size and demographic diversity as the trend towards consolidating entertainment options within a single platform continues, a vision that was originally initiated by the PlayStation 2 over 10 years ago.”

The PlayStation 2 system’s library of games and loyal base of fans continues to grow every day. In the U.S., more than half a billion software units have been sold for the PlayStation 2 system with 2,000 games available in its library. With ten years and counting, the momentum behind the PlayStation 2 system is still vibrant and at $99 (MSRP), it continues to offers hours of fun for every member of the family.

The PlayStation 2 system is well on its way to delivering continued value to consumers and will serve as a lodestar for the industry and a testament to the leading innovation of the PlayStation brand.


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