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Disney Sing It: Party Hits


Disney Sing It: Party Hits

ESRB: Everyone - E
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Category: Interactive Music
Author: Val

Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Developer: Zoe Mode


Players: 1-8
Co-op: 2-8
Downloadable Content

Warm up your vocal chords and get ready to sing along karaoke style to another great Sing It title released by Zoe Mode and Disney Interactive Studios. Sing It: Party Hits features a fantastic selection of 30 songs to sing to, by popular artists such as Black Eyed Peas, Demi Lovato, Jayson Mraz, Kelly Clarkson, Paramore and let's not forget for those of you out there with Bieber fever, Justin Bieber.


Following in the footsteps of previous Sing It releases such as the most recent Sing It: Classics, Sing It: Party Hits keeps true to the original graphical format which is a series of top notch musical videos overlayed with your necessary pitch board and lyrics.

The graphics of the pitch board are simplistic but fully functional without a lot of bells and whistles that would be lost in a game where you spend most of your time reading lyrics and enjoying the music and videos. The ball of light that travels across the board accurately reflects your actual singing ability against the original track based on the difficulty setting you selected. Your accomplishments in the song are graphically rewarded by a spark flying across the screen to fill your meter each time you sing a good note and good pages will be rewarded by a star lighting up and having a "Great" or even an "Awesome" pop up.

Sing It: Party Hits also includes some themes that you can use to customize your game menus including: Sing It (basic) and Elektro. Additional unlockable themes can be obtained through gameplay by accomplishing certain tasks.

Overall, the graphics are functional and not overdone, keeping to the same recipe that has been successful in previous releases.


Disney Sing It: Party Hits is jam packed with 30 available songs from a star studded play list and their songs are as clear as any recording could be. This superb sound quality is what we have come to expect from Sing It titles and in general from any karaoke styled game.

Demi Levato is crisp and clear with her instructions during the tutorial portion of the game but at times lacks enthusiasm and appears as though she is reading a script instead of imparting important singing wisdom on the player at home. There is also some disjoint during the tutorial exercises with the encouragement you receive versus what you actually did. For example: a complete page of notes could be missed but you will still get a "Great job you did it" feedback. Though this happened infrequently it did make me a tad confused when it did.

When selecting a song you are given the option of selecting the artist’s vocal, which is either Normal or Karaoke. When you select Karaoke it will play the artist's voice very faintly in the background so it is your voice that is featured front and centre. You are also able to adjust how loud your voice will come through in the options settings. At the end of your song, there is the encore feature available in Disney Sing It: Party Hits that allows you to play back a recording of your singing with the option of altering it with some fun effects such as: Divatastic, Live, Echo, Telephone, and Squeaky. As anyone can imagine this can create some great effects, echo being my favourite by far. Should you also want to spice things up a little, in addition to the 30 songs on the track list there is also the option to go online to the Sing It Shop to download additional tracks.


Sing It: Party Hits plays like your basic karaoke game where you select a song and follow along with the words displayed on the screen. Hit the notes on key, in sync, with some slide and riff notes thrown in, a bit of harmony and you’re on your way to a great score and to the top of the leaderboards. The game is broken down into Sing It, Party Play, and Vocal Coach. The Vocal Coach is a great place to start the game if you are new to the Sing It series or if you just want to warm up or brush up on your singing skills.

The Vocal Coach mode is broken down into the five categories: Warm Up, Power Singing, Riffing, Duets, and Scoring Tips with five lessons per category. A short video plays at the beginning of each skill with your instructor Demi Levato from the "Camp Rock" movies walking you through the basic concepts that you will need to learn. In the past the one thing I disliked about the lessons was that they were all done with “la la la’s” and “oh’s” and “yeah’s” and it was hard to follow the melody. In this tutorial mode I found the musical examples were taken from actual songs and it was easier to follow and much more enjoyable. I also found the duet tutorial very interesting as it gives you tips and skills for singing a duet and lets you practice with a friend.

Sing It: Party Hits includes both single player and multiplayer game options. In Single Player or Sing It, you are able to select the song, your difficulty (Easy, Medium or Hard) and the artist`s vocal (Normal or Karaoke) and away you go. Scoring points during the song is pretty easy; sing the notes correctly and you get points; the more pages you sing correctly in a row will earn you extra points and sing all the notes on a special page for even more points. Before you know it you'll be belting it out in the million point range and climbing to the top of the leaderboard. In Multiplayer or Party Play mode you can play with up to 8 players using one or two microphones. In Party Play there are six different game varieties: Duet (sing a duet); Performance (sing without the words or the notes, highest score wins); Competition (the player with the highest score wins); Team Play (two teams sing against each other, highest score wins); Sing off (two teams go up against each other and pass the mic around during the song); and Pass the Mic (sing some lines then pass the microphone).

Lastly, in addition to the basic gameplay there are also some awards that you can earn by completing pre-determined skills/feats such as reaching high scores, completing a certain amount of songs and reaching different accuracy levels. These awards are a fun way of adding a new level of gameplay and challenging yourself to do better. You can view the awards you have earned and the ones you can still strive for under the bonus heading on the main menu page.

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