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Naughty Bear for iPhone

Naughty Bear for iPhone

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: Action Games, Strategy

Naughty Bear, provided to me by 505 Games, is a fun new game for the iPhone. Based on the PS3 and 360 game of the same name, Naughty Bear is silly and filled with dark humor. In this strategy action game, you’re given control of a teddy bear named Naughty Bear and tasked with collecting cupcakes, earning points, and killing other teddy bears!

There are a few layers to the mechanics of Naughty Bear. The levels are laid out like mazes. There are a few safe areas in which other bears can’t harm you, but in most areas, touching another bear will cause you to lose a life. You can run along the paths collecting cupcakes (which are all over) for points while avoiding the other bears. However, there’s a bit more to it. Throughout the levels are weapons that when touched allow you to use the weapon to fight other bears. Touching another bear while armed will kill them in humorous ways to gain points. Unfortunately, weapons only last for a limited time, so you’ll have to find more. You can also sabotage devices to attract bears. For example, you can turn on a grill to lure a bear over to look at it. Once one is there, you can smash his face into it, lighting him on fire! Over the course of the game, you’ll encounter teddy bears of various colors. Each color bear behaves differently. Some are faster than others, and some respond differently when seeing you. For example, the first bears you encounter will chase you when you’re unarmed but run from you when you’re armed. Other bears will run toward you no matter what (which is great when you have a weapon). You’ll need to learn how to deal with all of them!

There are a variety of ways to control Naughty Bear. The most natural feeling method to me was to slide in the direction I wanted Naughty Bear to run. The other two methods available to me were tapping where I want him to run and using the accelerometer to control Naughty Bear. All worked fairly well, although I shift how I hold my iPhone a lot while I play, which makes the accelerometer control difficult to use. The tilt control can be recalibrated by going into the pause menu, but that wasn’t something I wanted to do each time I shifted.

Naughty Bear features two modes - story and challenge. Story mode contains 27 levels, each with a different goal. Goals include eating a specific number of cupcakes, earning a certain number of points, or killing a preset number of teddy bears. The challenge mode features the same levels as the story mode. Rather than give specific goals, challenge mode tasks you with surviving the time limit and getting as many points as possible. In a lot of games, I find myself preferring either the story mode or the challenge mode. Usually the challenge mode feels like an extra, bonus mode that’s less substantial than the story mode. In Naughty Bear, both modes are very satisfying. I go back and forth between the two depending on what I want to do.

I have had a lot of fun playing Naughty Bear. It isn’t so much about getting a high score or beating the game. It’s about enjoying the dark humor. Right from the start, the opening gives the amusing background story. A bear is having a party, but Naughty Bear wasn’t invited. Of course, he decides to get his revenge! Along with the great close-up scenes of Naughty Bear killing the other teddy bears, it’s great when the announcer yells out exclamations as you perform your dark deeds. Total defluffication! Sticky incineration!

505 Games’ Naughty Bear is a lot of fun. If you think you’d like burning, electrocuting, stabbing, beating, or defluffing teddy bears, then you’ll enjoy this game! Yes, it’s a bit twisted, but that’s what’s fun! It controls well, sounds good, and looks great (especially in those close-up kill shots)! Naughty Bear is definitely a good way to spend a few minutes if you find yourself waiting in a long line with some anger to vent! Naughty Bear is currently $2.99 and available on the App Store!


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