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RetroN 3


RetroN 3

ESRB: Everyone - E
Platform: Hardware
Category: Consoles

Developer: Hyperkin


2 original controller ports for each platform
2 wireless controllers (uses 2-AAA batteries ea)
NES, SNES, Sega Genesis cartridge ports
S-video and Composite AV inputs
SRP $69.99 U.S.

The design of the RetroN3, which is completely unique and unlike any other on the market, was developed through feedback and suggestions the company received from consumers. Based on Internet research and interactive forums with gamers, Hyperkin designed the system with three top-loading cartridge slots arranged into a single sleek platform. The RetroN3 offers a cool, fun way to experience retro gaming at home.

“We designed the RetroN3 with one thing in mind – having fun!” states Steven Mar, Hyperkin’s Marketing Director. “It’s an amazing system that offers a blast from the past as well as a fun, exciting way to enjoy three of the best game systems ever developed.” The RetroN3 offers something for everyone that loves video games.

I’m somewhat of a retro gamer; I do love to pull out some of those old carts from yesteryear and go to town on some good old fashioned gaming. Yes the sound and visuals don’t quite match up to the games and systems of today, but the all important gameplay is still intact ready to discover again. I have very many old games and systems which really collect dust for the most part. I’ve also tried many of the various emulation programs for pretty much any game ever made, but playing around on your computer kind of takes away from the whole gaming experience. This leads me to Hyperkin’s RetroN 3 in 1 game machine. I was somewhat intrigued at the promise of having the ability to play NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis carts all on one machine. I liked the idea of an all-in-one machine as it would cut down on the wire clutter and the hassle of plugging in one machine at a time.

The RetroN 3 comes in a slick slim box with a nice handle on top for easy moving, not unlike a briefcase. When I opened the box I found everything well laid out and packaged up. The kit comes with 2 controllers, AC adapter, S-video and composite cords. I dug out some old carts and fired up the machine. The build quality left a bit to be desired as the whole unit was made in a very cheap plastic casing. The controllers while very cool looking (a total rip off of the world famous Sega six button) uses infrared technology. This means anything in the slightest way will block its usefulness. I sat about 12 feet back, which seemed to be its limit. I quickly found I could not run the machine through my receiver, which was disappointing, but I figured out a way to run video and audio separately. The games ran quite nicely although I thought the colors on all games on each system were a bit off. I set-up my SNES and found this to be true. The games on the RetroN 3 were paler and sounded a bit more processed than the SNES machine. The difference is not noticeable to the casual gamer, but for those who have played them before you will notice it right away. I found the system was also prone to crashing, sometimes in the middle of playing. This was a bit disturbing; some gamers may want to keep their old gaming systems around for awhile just in case.


Overall the RetroN 3 is a cool idea that just misses the mark for me. I have played other similar systems with much better results, and of course if you still have your old machines they would work the best. The controller issues and sometimes complete crashes hurt the RetroN 3, although the cheap price of $69.00 SRP could sway older gamers to pick this machine up.

About Hyperkin:
Since its inception in 2009, Hyperkin has been steadily growing as a reliable and innovative developer and distributor of cost-effective video game peripherals. The company’s philosophy is simple: make great products at affordable prices. Hyperkin is constantly searching for new product ideas, emerging technologies and innovative ways to enhance the video game experience. Hyperkin believes that it’s most important asset is its business partners and is dedicated to developing long and successful relationships with each individual client and each individual consumer. The company’s corporate office is located in Rosemead, CA. For more information please visit: www.hyperkin.com or call 877-337-1238.


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