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IDAPT i3 Universal Desktop Charger

IDAPT i3 Universal Desktop Charger

Platform: Wireless Devices
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Recently I had the opportunity to try out the i3 charging station provided to me by IDAPT. The IDAPT i3 is a “universal desktop charger” according to the box. It functions as a charging dock for up to three devices at one time using interchangeable tips. A variety of tips come with the product, and more can be purchased as well.

Inside the box was the device itself, the power cord, a small instruction sheet, and six tips. The tips that come standard with the i3 are miniUSB, microUSB, Sony Ericsson 2, Samsung 4, iPod / iPhone, and Nokia 2. IDAPT also sent me three more tips – DC Jack (that I used for my PSP), DSi, and DS Lite. Changing the tips was straightforward and easy. The IDAPT i3 felt extremely light. In fact, it was almost too light. I was worried initially that it could break with three devices on it charging, but after using it, this worry went away. It felt fine with three devices on it, and I was very pleased with it.

I think I should tell you about what I did before I got the IDAPT i3. Every night, I use my electronics in bed. Sometimes it's my DS, sometimes my PSP, but usually it's my iPhone. I'm definitely not the type to climb into bed and go straight to sleep. I have a variety of power cords on each side of my bed. Usually I have two iPhones and two DSs that need charging as well as my PSP on occasion. I don't have enough sockets for everything, so not every device can get charged every night. It also means that there's a mess of cords on both sides of my bed.

Now there's been a change in how I charge my devices. It's much easier to have the IDAPT i3 on my desk. It has two tips in the back (one on the left and one on the right) and one in the center of the front. You do need to pay attention to where you place the tips – something I didn't pay attention to when I first used it. I had the DSi tip in the back left. Because of the design of the DSi, this meant that my device hung off the left edge of the i3. It worked but hung at a slight angle. I was worried that this could bend the pins. Rather than move the DSi tip, I put paper between the i3 and the DSi to lift the DSi a bit. Of course, I eventually realized that moving the tips would work better. Putting the DSi tip in the back right wouldn't work because the DSi was too long and would hit the back left tip; however, putting the DSi tip in the front, PSP tip in the back right, and iPhone tip in the back left worked perfectly. The IDAPT i3 works for a lot of different devices, and because of this, you'll need to think about how to make the three devices you want to charge fit on the i3. The only problem I have with the i3 is that it makes a high-pitched humming sound sometimes. It's only noticeable if you're close to it. I sometimes had to turn it off if it was quiet and I was concentrating, and I wouldn't want to sleep with it next to me. Luckily it isn't very loud and can only be heard if you're sitting right next to it. All things considered, the IDAPT i3 is very convenient, and I'm happy to use it.

All the tips point up. Because most devices (everything I tried) had their plugs on the bottom/back, each device stands upright on the i3. This means that my iPhone had the screen vertical and facing me. I was tempted a few times to use it while charging. I did, but I wouldn't recommend that. The iPhone basically balances right on the plug. There was no backing or support, so it seems like the tip or iPhone pins could bend or break if you pressed too hard. Of course, the IDAPT i3 is meant to charge devices, not hold them while they're in use. I was attempting to use the i3 for something unintended. It was fine, but I decided not to do so anymore. I was a little nervous about allowing my iPhone to stand vertically like that at all at first. Could it bend the pins slightly in my iPhone? Well, I've been using it for over a week now, and everything seems fine. In addition, the i3 worked with my iPhone while it was in its shell. No other dock I've tried works with my shell (even the official dock)!

IDAPT has a variety of products available on their site with the i3 available here. Ordering and customizing is very simple. You can choose from black, pink, silver, and white i3s. Next, you choose your tips. For $49.99 you can choose the package of six common tips (the ones that came with my unit – miniUSB, microUSB, Sony Ericsson 2, Samsung 4, iPod / iPhone, and Nokia 2) or four tips of your choosing. You can also get an i3 for $64.99 with ten tips – the six from the previous package with the addition of Nokia 1, Samsung 2, DS Lite, and DC Jack. There's also a tip finder that helps you figure out which one you need. For example, the PSP uses the DC Jack, and if you didn't know that, you might think there was no tip for it. The tip finder quickly told me that I'd need the DC Jack to charge my PSP. You can then choose a power cord for the US, UK, Europe, or Australia. Lastly, additional tips can be purchased for $9.99 each with the exception of the AA/AAA battery charger for $19.99. I was very pleased with the order page.

The IDAPT i3 works very well. I did have some initial worries about the light weight and the pressure that would be put on the power connectors, but these worries seem unwarranted. The only problem, like I mentioned, is the high-pitched humming, but this is definitely not enough of a problem to cause me to stop using it. Tips are available for all of my devices, and that makes it very handy. Also, I think allowing customers to purchase the i3 with the four tips of their choosing is fantastic, and I wasn't expecting it. Now whenever I'm at my desk, I just pop my iPhone on the i3 to charge. If you're sick of all the cords and want an easier way to charge your handheld devices, give the IDAPT i3 a try!


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