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Vanquish, Third-Person Shooter for PS3 and 360


Vanquish, Third-Person Shooter for PS3 and 360

Platform: Xbox 360
Category: Third Person Shooter

Platinum Games, creator of Bayonetta, Infinite Space, and MadWorld, had a playable version of their newly developed game Vanquish, published by Sega, at E3. Vanquish is being directed by Shinji Mikami, an amazing member of the industry who has designed Goof Troop, directed P.N. 03 and God Hand, produced Devil May Cry and Killer 7, and produced or directed most Resident Evil titles. Both Platinum Games and Shinji Mikami are known for their high quality games, and from what I've seen, Vanquish is bound to be another. The game is a fast-paced, third-person shooter for the 360 and PS3. I had the chance to play the PS3 version.

Players control Sam Gideon, a government agent using a powerful battle suit. Vanquish takes place on a huge space station. The world looked futuristic and stunning. The graphics were wonderful, and the cutscenes were absolutely gorgeous. Combat is cover-based, but Vanquish plays must faster than most other cover-based shooters with which I've had experience. Gideon is definitely not a large, slow man. When players take control of Sam Gideon, they're controlling someone fast and agile.

My demo opened with me fighting a range of relatively weak enemies. There were a lot of enemies, but there were allies as well. Everyone took cover, and I slowly made my way forward. Eventually enemies came out piloting large mechs. Each mech had two legs and a ladder leading up to the platform at which the pilot stood. Rather than destroying the unit itself, I was able to take out the pilots. What's cooler is that I was then able to climb up the ladder and use the mech myself until it was destroyed. After making my way further into the level, I came up against a boss. This had me dodging incoming attacks while attempting to hit the boss's weakpoints. Unfortunately, I ran out of ammo just as many other players seemed to as well. I don't know if this was a bug or poor design, but I highly suspect that it was an intentional way to make the demo end at that boss fight. With a little bit of arcade feel, players are rated on a variety of areas. This rewards them for reacting quickly and strategically, adding more replay to the game.

I know there are a lot of shooters being released all the time, but Vanquish truly seems to be a step above the rest. With the backing of Sega, Platinum Games, and Shinji Mikami, it's obvious there's a lot of talent going into the game. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it at E3 and anxiously await its release this October!


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