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Capcom's New iPhone Games

Capcom's New iPhone Games

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: Action Games, Fighting, Shooter

Capcom had three top-notch iPhone games to show me at E3 – Street Fighter IV, 1942 First Strike, and Ghosts 'N Goblins Gold Knights II. All three are based on properties that have been around for a long time. How do they hold up on the iPhone with simplified controls compared to the originals? Amazingly well!

Street Fighter IV

First I got to play Street Fighter IV. This has been out for a while now, but Capcom was showcasing the free character update coming at the end of June. This update will introduce Zangief and Cammy to the game. I had never had the chance to play the iPhone version of Street Fighter IV at all, so for me, the whole game was new.

The game has a simplified control-scheme compared to its console and arcade counterparts. There is an onscreen joystick in the lower-left and four buttons in the lower-right. The four buttons represent punch, kick, SP move assist, and focus attack. Gamers can input special moves manually just like they do on consoles or in the arcade. However, to make things simpler they can press the SP move assist button in conjunction with a direction on the joystick to quickly and easily use a special move.

Players can play SFIV head-to-head over Bluetooth between two iPhones. Sadly I didn't get the chance to witness this, but I imagine it's very fun. Unfortunately Wi-Fi play isn't available, but I'd rather be playing a friend than a stranger online anyway. Many options are available for players who like to tweak their gameplay such as toggling assists, automatic guarding, etc. Street Fighter IV played fantastically. I don't know why I hadn't played it sooner! It's nice to see that Capcom's supporting it with the free update bringing Zangief and Cammy. Street Fighter is currently $9.99 and the update will be free.

1942 First Strike

1942 First Strike is a vertical-scrolling shooter based on the long-running arcade shooter. To control your plane, you simply slide your finger where you want to go and the plane follows. You can also choose to use tilt or d-pad control-schemes. It's single player only but looked great and played well. The game features 8 levels, 4 boss battles, and 3 planes. 1942 First Strike will be released on July 1st for $3.

Ghosts 'N Goblins: Gold Knights II

Ghosts 'N Goblins: Gold Knights II is a sequel to the iPhone's original Gold Knights and another entry in the long line of punishing but rewarding action-platformers. The series has always been one of my favorites, so I was excited to see it in action on the iPhone. Just as with the other games I saw, Capcom did a great job bringing it to the iPhone.

Players can choose either Arthur or Perceval. Arthur has 6 ranged weapons and plays as he usually does. Perceval is a heavy hitter with 3 different swords. Players familiar with any of the other games should already know how to play as Arthur. What about Perceval? Perceval has a charged attack that can be very useful. When activated, he charges forward dealing damage to everything in his path. This uses up his charged attack meter that fills automatically within a few seconds. The charged attack will kill most enemies in a single hit.

Gold Knights II is very true to the original series. As always, the game opened with a little cinematic and then a sweep across the map, showing the game world. I was really impressed! The game features three buttons plus menu buttons and has tighter controls compared to the original Gold Knights. Ghosts 'N Goblins: Gold Knights II will be released in August!


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