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DC Universe Online


DC Universe Online

Platform: PS3
Category: Action Games, MMORPG

At first glance, Sony Online Entertainment's new MMO, DC Universe Online, looks like a lot of other MMOs in which you control a single character. That's pretty far from the truth, because DC Universe Online is much more action-oriented! In this action-packed online title, you jump into the DC Universe to create your own legend!

DC Universe Online takes place in the two largest cities in the DC Universe – Metropolis and Gotham. While actual DC heroes and villains surround you, you make your own character and create your own story and legend in this game. You can choose to be either a hero or a villain and are assigned a mentor depending on whether you're a hero or a villain and from where you get your powers. For example, if you choose to be a tech hero, Batman becomes your mentor, but if you choose to be a tech villain, your mentor will be Joker. The game is told through episodes and will have story arcs just like ones with which comic fans are already familiar!

In the mission I saw and got to play at E3, Batman sent me in to an amusement park that had been taken by the Joker. Inside the amusement park, Harley Quinn, girlfriend of the Joker, was holding Robin captive. The level started with me controlling a technology-based hero inside of a warehouse at the amusement park. It was a dark and grimy place – the kind of place you'd expect to see a villain lurking in a comic book. After battling some enemies and trying out different abilities, I was also given the chance to check out the physics engine. Most objects can be picked up and thrown, and these interact with other objects as you'd expect. I found a room that contained a number of large spheres. After picking one up and throwing it, it proceeded to bounce around, hitting the other spheres and causing a chain reaction. This kind of engine is something I'm much more used to from single-player action games rather than MMOs. It was very nice. Soon enough I got to the end of the level where Harley Quinn was standing over Robin. Text would appear in the center of the screen letting me know that Harley had a crazy look in her eye before she'd begin to spin around, holding a hammer out at arm's length. Eventually she would stop and text would let me know that she was dizzy. This was my chance to move close and finish her. Afterward I was able to loot her for a new hat and untie Robin (who claimed to me that he would have been able to get away eventually)! After missions, players are rewarded with cool comic-style cutscenes.

DC Universe Online also features PVP in addition to the PVE content. Certain PVP areas have particular goals such as controlling certain facilities. There are also PVP servers that allow PVP between heroes and villains anywhere in the game. I'm definitely going to be playing on a PVP server so I can stop villains when I see them!

Every character in DC Universe Online has a movement mode that can be toggled. For example, I played an acrobat character. With his movement mode activated, he was almost leaping rather than running. I was able to leap up walls and hold on, hanging from anything. Other movement modes include flying and super speed. A stealth mode was also available, allowing characters to sneak up on their enemies.

The gearing in DC Universe Online is very interesting and has one major difference from most other MMOs I've played: The gear you have displayed on your character does not necessarily have to be the same gear that's equipped and giving you stat increases. Gearing for stats works the same as you'd expect. Characters have various equipment slots such as helmet, belt, shirt, etc. What's really great is that you can choose any item you've ever owned to be displayed on your character regardless of which are boosting your hero's stats. Appearances are important to heroes and villains in the comic book world, and this system allows players to control their appearance without worrying about sacrificing stats for looks or vice versa. You also get special suits as rewards from your mentor later in the game.

DC Universe Online is getting a retail release on both PS3 and PC with a $14.99 per month subscription plan. No need to worry about MMO play on a console, because it's been designed for use with the PS3 controller and controls wonderfully. Remember, this is an MMO action game. The action definitely shows in this terrific title. Check out the trailer and mark your calendars for November 2nd!


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