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Magic the Gathering - Tactics


Magic the Gathering - Tactics

Platform: PS3
Category: Strategy

Sony Online Entertainment's Magic the Gathering - Tactics brings the thrill of the card game to the PC in this strategic tactics game. In the single player campaigns, players control a planeswalker as they progress through the story visiting the various planes. The game will be free to download but booster packs will be sold for under $5.

Unlike some other Magic the Gathering games that attempt to simulate the collectible card game, Magic the Gathering - Tactics is based on the same universe but adapts the rules to make it more enjoyable as a tactics game. Although ground units can't block flying units normally in the card game for example, in Magic the Gathering - Tactics ground units can attack flying units but do half damage. In this game there is no draw phase. In fact, there are no decks at all. Instead, you build a spell book that consists of five creature slots and five spell slots at the beginning of the game. As you level, you obtain more slots. There are other fundamental differences between the card game and Magic the Gathering - Tactics as well; In the card game you'd normally hope to receive the right amount and color of mana. In Magic the Gathering - Tactics, mana is assigned to you based on the colors of the creatures and spells in your spell book.

The game is rendered as a beautiful 3D world that can be seen in the trailer. The battlefield has a grid on which all units are placed with some larger units taking up more space. You play as a planeswalker on this field. Every unit is represented in the game in 3D. Unlike the card game, all of your creatures do not attack at the same time, but you can see the turn order at all times. The two sides take turns moving creatures. When one creature attacks another, the one being attacked immediately retaliates, just like the card game. Many creatures and spells have the exact same name and function in Magic the Gathering - Tactics as they do in the card game. Fans of the card game will quickly understand what most creatures and spells do. In addition, the 2D art representing the spells and creatures in your spell book are taken directly from the card game!

Magic the Gathering - Tactics by Sony Online Entertainment is launching this fall for PC followed by PS3 a few months after. It will feature 80 figures and 100 spells to start. The client is completely free with booster packs being sold for an undetermined price, most likely under $5. Due to the fact that a spell book consists of a much smaller number of creatures and spells than the card game, booster packs should go much further in Magic the Gathering - Tactics. As a Magic the Gathering player myself, I'm looking forward to spending more time with this title in the future. Don't forget to watch the trailer!


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