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True Crime


True Crime

Platform: Xbox 360
Category: Action Games

As I reflect back on the week that was E3, one game which rises above so many others was Activision’s True Crime. Developed by United Front Games out of Vancouver BC, True Crime represents a return to a franchise which was seemingly all but forgotten in recent years. The gang at United Front Games tell us they are treating True Crime as an original IP and are re-booting the franchise in a bigger and better way.

Set in Hong Kong, True Crime is an open world game featuring a core storyline that is imaginative and engaging. True Crime’s story takes players on a roller coaster ride through an imagined open-world version of Hong Kong. What is clear to us, True Crime will have a storyline unlike the franchise has seen before. It is intriguing and gamers will be able to relate to the games main hero.

True Crime also features a stellar soundtrack and some voice acting which will blow gamers away. The characters come to life in the game and there is a level of authenticity unlike we have seen before in an open-world game of this ilk. Activision and United Front Games have enlisted the voice over skills of top Hong Kong cinema and Hollywood talent, including Tom Wilkinson, James Hong, James Liao, Byron Mann, Dustin Nguyen, George Cheung and Sammo Hung just to name a few. An impressive list indeed.

True Crimes combat system is slick featuring fighting sequences which rivals even the best open world games already in the market. In fact, kicks and punches are very life-like and had an MMA style about them. Not to mention, many of the games environments are used in combat. Whether it be throwing an enemy in a garbage bin or launching some dude over a railing, True Crime features some highly enjoyable combat.

True Crime also has a large driving component similar to that of Grand Theft Auto 4. Much of the game involves high speed chase sequences, fetch quests and simply driving from one part of the city to another. The driving physics and mechanics are stunning. This comes as no surprise considering a good portion of the development team were previously part of EA's Need for Speed development team. This is an aspect of the game I am most certainly looking forward to.

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