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Loong - The Power of the Dragon

Loong - The Power of the Dragon

Platform: PC Games
Category: MMORPG

Loong – The Power of the Dragon by gamigo is a Chinese MMORPG that will come to the rest of the world in Q3 of this year. Loong, which is actually the Chinese word for 'dragon,' takes place in ancient China during the Middle Empire. Multiple dynasties want to reign supreme, and gods are present in the form of dragons. Watch the trailer here!

Players are able to run along walls, over water, and through the air in this game that already has over 1000 quests. In this fantasy world, players aren't restricted to character classes. Anyone can learn any skill, giving each player the opportunity to create the exact type of character that he or she wants. There are 10 skill trees with many skills in each. Loong also supports guild PVP with up to 500 players in combat!

From my limited experience playing Loong, I don't think anyone with experience with most other conventional MMOs will have any trouble playing the game. The game is player in the third-person, with a minimap in the upper-right corner, health information in the upper-left, and skill bars along the bottom of the screen. Combat is also similar to other MMORPGs. When in range and with an enemy selected, pressing one of the skill buttons uses that attack or skill on the selected enemy. Unfortunately, the demo I played was still in Chinese so I had a bit of trouble figuring out what I was doing!

One of the most interesting aspects of Loong is the pet system. Currently there are 100 pets that can be obtained in the game. Each pet starts out young, requiring feeding and care. Over time the pet gets larger until it eventually becomes a mount players can ride! Although you can own many pets, you can only use two at a time, one active and one passive. The passive pet gives buffs and is able to loot for you while the active pet is the one you actually use. I saw many different pets such as a flaming horse, a carriage, a minotaur-like creature, and a flying dragon.

Loong – The Power of the Dragon was developed by Kong.Net – DACN. It will be released outside of China in Q3 2010 with developers already working on additional content! Loong will be free-to-play with microtransactions. Remember to check out the trailer!


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