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Ubisoft and Kinect for Xbox 360


Ubisoft and Kinect for Xbox 360

Platform: Xbox 360
Category: Childrens Software, Console Accesories

As a known innovator in the marketplace, Ubisoft is continually providing consumers with engaging and cutting-edge content. Ubisoft is excited to take its relationship with Xbox to the next level through partnering with Microsoft on the release of numerous games for the upcoming launch of Kinect In keeping with its goal of expanding the overall gaming demographic, Ubisoft is creating interactive experiences for Kinect that are not only technologically innovative, but that are also accessible.

Ubisoft is releasing a variety of titles in fiscal year 2010-11 that will leverage Kinect. Some of the Xbox 360 games Ubisoft is releasing will be compatible with Kinect for an enhanced gaming experience, while other titles will require Kinect in order to play them. Below is an overview of four Ubisoft Kinect titles that will be launching this fiscal year.

Better with Kinect Titles

Child of Eden

Under the direction of world-renown creative director Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Child of Eden is being released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 version of the game is Kinect -compatible, but it’s not required to play the game. With spectacular visuals and audio synchronized to the player’s movements, Child of Eden is a captivating game that sets players off on a trip to decontaminate an unknown virus to restore hope and peace to Eden. Kinect enhances the gameplay experience as the player becomes truly immersed in the game, with no physical barriers.

Michael Jackson videogame

Ubisoft is developing an interactive performance-based video game, inspired by the legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The game will be the only interactive experience that enables players to step inside the shoes of Michael Jackson, and re-live some of his most iconic performances. It will include the most famous songs from Michael Jackson’s extensive catalogue such as Beat It and Billie Jean, as well as an array of his awe-inspiring dance moves for players to learn and emulate within the game. Using Ubisoft’s proprietary Player Projection technology for the Kinect version of the game, the title will be released this holiday for Microsoft’s new hardware, PlayStation 3 with move compatibility, Wii, PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS.

Kinect Required Titles


MotionSports is a multi-sports game developed exclusively for Kinect that will be released this holiday 2010. Players are tasked with various challenges related to the featured sports in the game that include soccer, football, skiing, boxing, horseback riding, and hang gliding. Whether it’s racing down the slopes of a Super G slalom, scoring the mind-blowing penalty shot on the soccer field, running your way to a game-winning touchdown or throwing punches in the boxing rink, players will compete in head-to-head challenges to prove who the ultimate athlete is. MotionSports uses Kinect‘s precision motion control technology to track the player’s every movement putting them in total control of the on-screen action.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and to be released this Fall 2010, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is a major innovative breakthrough in fitness video games. Using the power of Kinect and Ubisoft’s proprietary Player Projection technology, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved gives players full control of their fitness experiences through voice and body motions. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved delivers a dynamic, interactive and convenient at-home workout tailored to each user’s individual fitness goals. The combination of Kinect with Ubisoft’s Player Projection technology provides unmatched precision, feedback and results.


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