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MLB 2K10


MLB 2K10

ESRB: Everyone - E
Platform: Xbox 360
Category: Sports


There is no question that the MLB 2K10 franchise is headed in the right direction as this year’s installment is simply much better than years past. The pitching mechanics are vastly improved and the core gameplay is a delight. Becoming a consistent hitter will test your patience though and it requires lots of practice; however the authenticity and realism of MLB 2K10 is much better than we have seen from the franchise in years past. For those who are a fan of 2K Sports MLB franchise, MLB 2K10 is a no brainer purchase as there is no doubt you will be pleased. For those new to the franchise, or fans of Sony’s MLB - The Show, you might want to give this one a weekend rental before you make the 60 dollar plunge as MLB 2K10 may not be what you expect.

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