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Sing It: Pop Hits


Sing It: Pop Hits

ESRB: Teen - T
Platform: PS3
Category: Miscellaneous

Developer: Zoe Mode
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios


Players: 1-8
Co-op: 2-8
HDTV: 720p/1080i/1080p
Downloadable Content Support


Zoe mode and Disney Interactive Studios have released yet another great Sing It title with Sing It: Pop Hits, which is a great selection of 30 new songs to sing from popular artists such as Duffy, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montanna, Demi Lovatao, Jonas Brothers, Colbie Caillat and Taylor Swift to name a few. Don’t worry about Kanye West making an unexpected visit to this game though to provide some feedback for Taylor Swift songs. So what did we think of the latest Sing It? Read on.


Once again the graphics of this game are very basic and nearly identical to the previous versions of the game with the majority of the visuals being music videos matched up to the song list. The graphics do stand out a whole lot more when you take advantage of the PS3’s supported HD video ouput of 720p, 1080i and 1080p. Overall, the graphics are functional as they provide a great singing experience to the game and nothing else.

As an added bonus Sing It: Pop Hits includes some themes that you can use to customize your game menus including: True Talent, Hannah Montana, Paint Theme, Cuboid Theme and Blue Sheen Theme. Additional unlockable themes can be obtained through gameplay by achieving certain tasks throughout the game.


There are 30 available songs packaged into Disney Sing It: Pop Hits with the sound quality being what you would expect from a karaoke style game without Dolby Digital. The lack of Dolby Digital is the major drawback when it comes to the music, where gamers with the capabilities of this high sound quality noticing the difference the most. A new feature to Sing It: Pop Hits is Sing It Encore which allows you to record and playback your performances which in my case provides some hilarious entertainment for nearby viewers as they listen to my falsetto on the female vocalists songs. So maybe it is a good thing that my voice didn’t get played back in Dolby Digital.

Tiffany Thornton is crisp and clear, as well as charming as ever as she explains the exercises throughout the Sing It Pro tutorials. The change up of voice coaches is a great touch to cater to different fans of the variety of Disney programs on the air.

The song selection is not as large as I would hope it to be with only 30 songs and it doesn’t appear that there will be downloadable content for this title in the future. This is somewhat disappointed as to expand the song list would add some more gameplay value when purchasing this title. The Disney Sing It: Pop Hits song list includes:

Miley Cyrus
- "7 Things"
- "Fly on the Wall"
- "The Climb"
- "Hoedown Throwdown"

Demi Lovato
- "Get Back"
- "La La Land"
- "Don't Forget"

Jonas Brothers
- "Hold On"
- "SOS"
- "When You Look Me In The Eyes"
- "Love Bug"
- "Burnin' Up"

Colbie Caillat
- "Realize"
- "Bubbly"

Vanessa Hudgens
- "Sneakernight"

Jesse McCartney
- "It's Over"
- "How Do You Sleep?"
- Taylor Swift
- "I'm Only Me When I'm With You"
- "Change"

One Republic
- "Apologize"

- ‘Warwick Avenue"
- "Mercy"

- "Violet Hill"

Steve Rushton
- "Emergency"

Love & Theft
- "Don't Wake Me"

Mitchel Musso and Tiffany Thornton / "Hatching Pete" (Disney Channel Original Movie)
- "Let It Go"

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