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Penguin Crossfire Remote Pistol


Penguin Crossfire Remote Pistol

Platform: Nintendo Wii
Category: Miscellaneous


- Very Comfortable - Feels and looks like a real gun
- Remote and peripheral in one
- You can use the gun as a regular controller/pointer - accessing everything on screen with ease


- Speaker isn’t the best
- Bland colour - more choices would be nice

As I mentioned in my recent review of the Buckshot shotgun, the Wii is host to many peripherals. Some are very good, some are not so good, which leads me to yet another gun peripheral review for the system. While most gun peripherals are average to poor quality the new Crossfire Remote Pistol from Penguin is a step up from the mediocrity. I believe we can add another gun to the list of good quality peripherals. What sets the Crossfire Pistol apart from every other Wii gun is that the gun not only houses the Wii Remote, but it is actually a fully functional Wii controller in the shape of a pistol. Although it is not perfect it is definitely good enough for fans of shooting games to consider.

The gun comes packaged in a flat clear coloured blister pack with a hang tab on the top. The Crossfire Pistol’s body is made out of a hard white plastic material with some orange accenting on the IR pointer. It reminded me of some of the original gun peripherals on the old NES machines that were out what seems like a lifetime ago.

The Crossfire Pistol is fully featured, meaning all the buttons, D-pad and Nunchuck slots that are on the Wii Remote are present and accounted for on the Crossfire. I found the button layout for this controller is almost perfect. In fact the D-pad is even more accessible than on the Wii Remote itself while the A button on the pistol is placed so that your thumb is resting on the button when shooting for easy access. The cool thing here is that the guys and gals at Penguin had right and left handed people in mind when they placed the A button on both sides of the pistol, so being uncomfortable with the button placements is really an afterthought; you should be good to go. The gun itself is very comfortable to hold, having balanced weight and a pretty solid feel.

The Crossfire’s functionality as a gun controller is very good. It has all the Wii Remotes features which I found works just fine with light gun games. For some reason I did have recalibrate the Wii’s light bar sensor to make it work at its optimum level, but it performed very well after. So in that essence the Crossfire does work quite nicely as a light gun controller as I found I was playing my light gun games with relative ease. I think it is also pretty cool to be playing a light gun game with a gun peripheral that actually looks and feels like a gun. In terms of the Crossfire being a regular controller, it works pretty well too. I also was able to use it to surf the net easily and comfortably through the Wii’s internet channel. Clicking on things of interest was almost as easy as using a desktop mouse.

I did have a minor issue with the Crossfire as the internal speaker is a bit subpar. I found the speaker to be crackly and/or fuzzy. Sometimes the fuzz was so severe it overwhelmed the tiny speaker. Since sound effects and music is sparsely used through the little speaker the fuzz issue was not a huge problem, but it was just a bit annoying and disappointing for a brand new gun straight out of the package to do this. Perhaps it was just a defective review unit but I don’t know for sure.

Penguin’s Crossfire Remote Pistol is a great controller not just for light gun games and first person shooters, but for basic navigation as well. The gun is easily one of the best the Wii system has seen to date. With very little problems and cool looks to please even the most discerning gamer it’s not bad at all. The question remains though: Is this controller worth the $ 39.95 price tag? Absolutely! With its built in accelerometer and ease of use, it’s a great controller for shooting games, and feels ten times better than holding a Wii Remote and firing at the screen.


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