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Fat Princess


Fat Princess

ESRB: Teen - T
Platform: PS3
Category: Strategy

Developer: Titan Studios
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment


Players: 1
Online Multiplayer: 2-32 Players
Downloadable Content

A little over a month ago, while reading an article about some of the must own titles from the PlayStation Store, I discovered a game known as Fat Princess. Though the title of the game did not inspire much enthusiasm at first, but once I discovered that it was an adventure strategy game with a hack & slash combat system my interest was piqued. So now that I have had some time with the game, as it has been released to the masses on the PlayStation Network, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed my time with it. Here are my thoughts for all of you thinking about purchasing this title.


The simple cartoon stylized graphics are visually pleasing and include quite a bit of detail that you wouldn’t normally given the style used. The levels are designed with great care, showing off a lot of creativity and detail. You will find different types of flowers that are very colourful that decorate the green fields while bodies of water are accented by coral, seaweed and other sea life. It is all very pleasing to the eye.

There are six character types you can play as and these include the Peasant, Villager, Mage, Archer, Priest, and Warrior. Each class has their own distinct look, from the peasant who is very plain to the other classes which take on more of an archetypal look typical to fantasy genres. For example, the villager wears a bandanna and simple clothes, where the warrior looks like a Viking, and the Mage wears a pointy hat while holding a staff. You can “Get Fabulous” with your character by customizing their skin tone, eye color, hairstyle, facial hair, hair color and a choice between a male or female voice. There are plenty of options available, but most of them have to be unlocked through plenty of gameplay.

The game also includes your typical hack and slash graphics complete with pooling blood and dismembered bodies. For those who play in a ‘family’ setting, you can choose to see no blood and gore or if there are older gamers in the house you can set it too blood only or blood and gore in the games settings depending on your sensibilities. Each level adds a level of visuals that match each setting. There are also several game maps to choose from which all have their own unique settings and add a nice variety to the overall graphics of the game.


Fat Princess has a very catchy and whimsical classical score which seems fitting for the game, and this enhances the quirkiness of the title. The narrator adds an epic feel with his booming and powerful voice as he tells the story of The Legend of the Fat Princess throughout the campaign. He has a voice that draws you into the short, but hilarious story.

The sound effects included are much more diverse then you’d think. With various sounds including hammering when building, explosions, doors creaking bridges unfolding, there is a lot available for this downloadable title. The characters speak mostly gibberish but you can hear them say simple sayings like “Help!” when they are in trouble and they also grunt when they are working hard. When enemy forces invade you will also hear the hilarious phrase “Their in our base, killing our dudes!” The princesses are even more hilarious when they scream, “I’m Hungry!”, “Feed Me!” or “Help Me!” All in all there is a great repertoire of sound available that any level of gamer should enjoy.


There are four gameplay modes available: Play With Yourself (Campaign), Play With Others (Online Multiplayer), Mess About and Gladiate.

Play With Yourself is the campaign mode for Fat Princess, which is titled The Legend of the Fat Princess, and is broken down into seven chapters. Each chapter presents you with new challenges and objectives that you must complete to move on to the next chapter. The story takes place in Land of Titania, where two princesses’ from different kingdoms were playing together in the Black Forest, and cake started to sprout up from the ground. The two princesses’ ate up all the cake, and became cursed with an insatiable urge to eat the cake over and over again. War breaks out between the two kingdoms when each side blames each other for the curse that has befallen each of their beloved royal ladies. This sets the scene for an onslaught of battle and hilarity.

Fat Princess is much like capture the flag where each princess plays the role of a flag and the main objective is to kidnap the opposition’s princess from their castle. To make it more difficult for the enemy to steal away your princess, you can feed her some of the cursed cake to make her heavier and much more difficult for your enemy to carry back. Of course your opponent can do the same.

To add some variety to the battle you are able to play as a Villager, Mage, Archer, Priest and Warrior. There are machines that produce hats throughout your castle that allow you to switch between each of the character classes available. Each of the classes has its own set of unique abilities.

I should also note that the machines that make the hats is upgradeable as well, adding an additional weapon for the characters to use. This is where the ‘Villager’ class comes into play as you have to gather wood and metal throughout the level and this allows the machines to be upgraded. The villager is also useful in building catapults, gates, ladders and springboards. The additional weapon the villager gains when they are upgraded is a bomb, which is useful in breaking down the enemy gates.

The additional classes are typical to their archetypes with the mage casting magic in the form of fire & ice, the archer shooting arrows & bullets, the priest being able to heal or drain health, and the warrior using his stamina along with a sword & spear. Each class has its own pros and cons depending on the task at hand, so take your time and experiment.

The Play With Others mode takes all the same gameplay options found in the campaign and applies it to online multiplayer where you can join a team of fifteen other teammates duelling out against another team of sixteen. There are several online options available to play with and it will satisfy most online gamers. Jump In! is where you are randomly placed in an open game, Play With Friends allows you to play a game set up with players on your friends list, Find a Game and Control Freaks are custom games that you can either join or create yourself. There are ten maps available with the initial release of the game and hopefully there will be more to download in the future.

Mess About is a local custom game mode. Here you can play different types of modes. Rescue the Princess is a basic capture the flag mode, Snatch ‘n Grab is where you have to steal the princess three times from your enemy to win a game, and Team Deathmatch is a free for all against the opposing team where you have to reduce the enemies lives down to zero to win. The final mode available in Mess About is called Invasion. Here you have to capture outposts to lower the enemies moral and the more outposts you control the faster your opponents morale falls. Once the morale is reduced to zero, you win.

The final main gameplay mode is Gladiate and it is probably the most enjoyable given the fun I had with it. You enter an arena reminiscent of the Coliseum in Rome and you do battle against wave after wave of enemies. As you complete each wave the harder the next wave becomes. The longer you live the more points you will achieve. In between each wave you have a bit of time to recover some of your health which you will have to incorporate into your strategy. This mode may seem pretty simple but it is highly addictive and enjoyable.

The gameplay for Fat Princess is a highly addicting combination of insanity, mayhem, blood, strategy, and cake feeding that any gamer can enjoy. This type of gameplay offers enough variety that any level or type of gamer should be able to find something that they can they enjoy.

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