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Stars Bowling Ball

In Bowling when you reach Pro level (1,000 points) you will be given a bowling ball with stars on it. This new ball can only be used in events that you have achieved Pro level in.

Change Bowling Ball Colours

If you want to change the colour of the Bowling Balls hold the indicated direction on the D-pad at the loading screen. The default colour is Blue.

Green Bowling Ball:
Hold Down.

Red Bowling Ball:
Hold Left.

Gold Bowling Ball:
Hold Right.

Unlock Bonus Power Cruising Courses

Play the indicated amount of times to unlock the corresponding Power Cruising course. These courses "HAVE" to be unlocked separately in Shalom and Versus mode.

Unlock Marina:
Play 5 times.

Unlock Cavern:
Play 10 times.

Unlock Shoals:
Play 15 times.

Unlock Alternate Modes

The following hidden feature become available if you press/hold the corresponding key at the loading screen.

Unlock Advance Golf:
Hold 2 at loading screen.

Unlock Advance Frisbee Golf:
Hold 2 at loading screen.

Unlock Advanced Archery:
Press 2 at loading screen.

Unlock Shoe/Slipper Paddle:
Press 1 at loading screen.

Play Basketball at Night:
Hold 2 on the loading screen.

Play Swordplay during the Evening:
Hold 2 on the loading screen.

Unlock New features in Island Flyover

When you have collected the indicated amount of points the corresponding new features will become available in Island Flyover.

Balloons appear across Wuhu Island:
Collect 10 points

Evening Mode for Island Flyover:
Collect 20 points

Double Popper (plane shoots 2 balls instead of 1):
Collect 30 points

Night Mode for Island Flyover:
Collect 40 points

Night-Time Lighting:
Collect 50 points

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