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Rock Band Track Pack: Classic Pack


Rock Band Track Pack: Classic Pack

ESRB: Teen - T
Platform: Xbox 360
Category: Miscellaneous

Developer: Harmonix
Publisher: MTV Games/Electronic Arts


1-4 Players
2-4 Players Co-op
4 MB to save game
HDTV 720p/1080i/1080p
Guitar, Drum Kit, and Microphone Compatible

If there is one thing that Rock Band has continually provided it is the ability to download a wide array of music for anyones tastes. If you look on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace there is a plethora of musical content to suit the needs of any virtual rocker. I have to be honest though, it can be pricey to download all the music I desire, so I have to be very particular in what I choose and I am sure that many others out there are in the same boat. Every now and then Harmonix releases a disc full of content that makes purchasing it quite a bargain though, and once again they have put a series of great songs onto a single disc for those frugal enough to have waited. Rock Band Track Pack: Classic Rock has hit retail shelves and this stand alone disc makes some great arguments for virtual shredders, drummers, or singers to pick it up.


This is one of the most difficult areas for me to review when looking at this most recently released track pack stand alone game, not because it is poor quality, or something groundbreaking, but because it is Rock Band and not a whole lot has changed. For those who are veterans to the series there is not a whole lot new here, as the game is Rock Bandesque looking (hey, I made up a new word!). For those few new to the series, the game is stylish, coloful and pretty good to look at. All in all there is nothing to really complain about here.


The Classic Rock track pack offers up 20 songs for any Rock Band fan to play. When I first looked at the track list I was somewhat amazed with what Harmonix saw as classic. Sure, they may not be all classic in my mind, but overall they all make for some good rock and roll. The included 20 tracks on the disc are as follows:

Boston – “Peace of Mind”
Boston – “Rock and Roll Band”
Dead Kennedys – “California Uber Alles”
Dead Kennedys – “Holiday in Cambodia”
Free – “All Right Now”
George Thorogood – “Bad to the Bone”
James Gang – “Funk #49”
Jethro Tull – “Hymn 43”
Lenny Kravitz – “Let Love Rule”
Pat Benatar – “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”
Police – “Can’t Stand Losing You”
Police – “Truth Hits Everybody”
Rush – “Closer to the Heart”
Rush – “Red Barchetta”
Siouxie & the Banshees – “Kiss Them For Me”
Steve Miller Band – “Take the Money & Run”
Steve Miller band – “The Joker”
Stone Roses – “Love Spreads”
The Who – “Baba O’Riley”
The Who – “Behind Blue Eyes”

Each track is a master track of course, which is the norm for all the music games on the market nowadays. I am sure that some people may not like all the tracks listed, but for the most part they are of a wide variety and make for a pretty diverse experience.

Of course the sound quality is top notch. From listening to it through TV speakers, stereo speakers, to a full home theater set-up, all the music sounds great. I had a chance to experience the game through my own personal home theater set up, part of the joys of taking work home, and I really enjoyed the sound that came out of all my theater speakers. That being said, no matter what you listen to this game through, it sounds great. I truly believe that Harmonix puts as much work in the sound quality as they do in acquiring great music, and in the end it all pays off.


There is no sense in me talking about what Rock Band is, for if you are reading this review and considering picking up this Track Pack disc, then you clearly know what Rock Band’s gameplay consists of. I do think it worth noting though that you can play this with up to three friends in the traditional guitar, bass, vocal and drum set up. Interstingly enough, should you not own any of the original games you can play this Track Pack on its own through a solo careeer. Of course you can also jump into any track via quick play. There are also the standard modes now known to the series such as tug-of-war and duel. So those who are accustomed to Rock Band will feel right at home; however those who are new to the franchise, which are far and few between, can play the game like it is supposed to be played too.

Anyone who has played any band-based game, from Rock Band to Guitar Hero, knows that the songs you can play should be fun, accessible and easy on the ears, and the majority of the songs on the Classic Rock track pack meet this criteria. I found that as I played many of the 20 available songs I was actually taking a walk down memory lane. Sure, I am not that old and some of these songs were popular when I was just a wee little one, but still, most of the songs were also listened to a lot throughout my high school and early college years. Personaly I really enjoyed most of what was on the disc and I think that most others will enjoy all of these songs too.

The main reason that fans of this genre should enjoy this track pack is that all the songs themselves are a pleasure to play, be it if you are strumming along, banging on the drums, or belting out the vocals. Everyone who picks up an instrument or microphone will groove along easily and they will most likely enjoy the experience these songs have to offer. From true classics like “The Joker” or “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” to those that seem out of place on a classic disc like Lenny Kravitz’s “Let Love Rule”, all the tracks will have anyone groovin to the tunes with little to no effort. Should you want to amp up the challenge, just turn up the skill level for a more intenese music experience.

Rock Band Track Pack: Classic Rock also offers up its’ own achievements. There are an additional 250 achievement points to be earned by playing this game, but they are not all gimme achievements. You will find that you have to master specific instruments to mastering songs as a full band. So for you achievement maniacs there is definitlely further incentive to play this track pack, but be forewarned that you won’t be able to rack up all 250 points in one sitting. The game actually encourages you to play more of this disc then you may think to earn all the available points.

The biggest issue with anyone considering buying this stand alone disc is whether or not they have the majority of the songs via DLC. If one does not have many of these songs downloaded, then this track pack is pretty much a no brainer given the time you will be spending with it. There is even a code to allow you to download all the tracks into your existing library of Rock Band music found on your HDD. The tracks add more gameplay experience to your already existing Rock Band title(s).

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